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One of the best parts about being on a college campus is being able to participate in debates and discussions.  Sometimes these debates are about Big Ideas, and other times it’s about something like ‘Should Snooki have come to WFU?’  But at the end of the day, students can wrestle with thoughts and ideas, come to their own opinions, and learn how to debate their positions civilly with others.

There are several events coming up that will give students a chance to listen, reflect, and think.  Please urge your students to take advantage of these opportunities and participate!

Today and tomorrow, the conference “The Federal Reserve Was A Bad Idea” will be on campus.  On the website for the conference, the event is described as follows: “The Federal Reserve’s centennial is approaching and we anticipate much oratory, books, conferences, and papers singing its praises. Perhaps this praise is warranted; perhaps it is not. The purpose of this conference is to examine whether or not such praise is truly warranted. Scholars have been invited to present papers that support and/or contradict the conference title’s assertion by carefully examining the historical record.” This should hold special appeal for our undergraduate business students, Econ majors, and those interested in finance.

The Center for Bioethics, Health and Society is hosting “Death as a Bridgework Concept” this afternoon.  The event is described as “Some criticize neurological criteria for determination of death (so-called “whole brain death”) because they are not “purely biological” criteria, and thus don’t work with a properly scientific death concept.  But the criticisms and the advocates of a purely biological death concept don’t really look at what biologists say about death.”  For students interested in medical school, public health, ethics and religion or philosophy might be especially interested.

Tonight there will be a showing of “Tony and Janina’s American Wedding,” a feature-length documentary that “gets to the heart of the broken U.S. immigration system. After 18 years in America, Tony and Janina Wasilewski’s family is torn apart when Janina is deported back to Poland, taking their six-year-old son Brian with her. Set against the backdrop of the Chicago political scene, this film follows the Wasilewski’s three-year struggle to be reunited.”  Students with interest in sociology, immigration, politics and ethics might want to attend.

As part of Tie A Yellow Ribbon week, tonight is the 19th annual Speak-out, a ceremony honoring sexual assault survivors. Anonymous testimonials submitted by Wake Forest students will be read and singing groups will perform.  This is a meaningful event for those who want to support the struggle of victims of sexual violence.

On Sunday, the Office of Multicultural Affairs is hosting the Can-I-Poet Spoken Word Lounge featuring Oveous Maximus, Crystal Leigh and Tony Keith.  Poetry and language lovers won’t want to miss this.

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