Last Friday Before Classes Begin

It’s the last Friday before classes begin.  Campus is largely empty, except for the RAs and women on campus for sorority recruitment.  Some of the young ladies involved in recruitment told me yesterday that there’s been a bug going around, so it’s a great reminder to your students to practice good hygiene (wash hands/use hand sanitizer, avoid those who are sick, etc.)

About midway through sorority recruitment, some young ladies have elected to drop out of the process, while others who continue are being invited back to successively fewer sororities, so that ultimately they will have only one or two options by “Pref Night” (where the potential new members indicate their order of preference for groups for whom they are still eligible). 

For those who are no longer participating in recruitment activities, the staffs of Greek Life and Residence Life and Housing offer informal programming (often by way of ‘movie night’ in the dorms), as well as support from the RAs, who check in with their students.  Recruitment is an exciting time, but it can be disappointing for those who have elected not to participate any more (because classes aren’t in session, the full student body is not on campus, and there are fewer other diversions).  If your student needs some moral support, please ask her to talk to her RA, or her Gamma Rho Chi (recruitment advisor), who are there to help.

On a weather note, snow flurries are in the forecast for this evening.  Accumulation is not necessarily expected, but if the snow comes to fruition, it will probably cause a lot of excitement. 

Finally, the Volunteer Service Corps is getting ready for the spring semester’s events.  If your student is interested involunteering, refer them to the VSC flyer 1 6 11 for more information.  There are some great activities coming up to help students live the University’s Pro Humanitate (for humanity) motto.

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