Student Viewpoints

This morning there is a beautiful sunrise on campus.  Bright orange and lavender, with the sun looking especially large as it rises over campus.  Yesterday afternoon was great excitement as it began to snow – it didn’t last long, but for a while the snow was coming down hard and the flakes were of the very large, fluffy variety.

I talked to a couple of students yesterday about Pledge Night (which is the night that all newly-invited members of sororites and fraternities celebrate with a big party).  This year’s event was held in Reynolda Hall in the Mag Room and Green Room.  One student was saying to me how great it was to have all the Greek organizations (and independents) together for one big party – it was a fantastic atmosphere and really nice to have everyone together.  So from the perspective of the students I talked to at least, the evening was a big success.

When asking the students about how the semester is progressing thus far, they said that they’re getting into the swing of classes.  They said that most of the glitches about finalizing their schedules/getting off wait lists have been resolved, and the only real nuisance at the moment is that a lot of people seem to have colds.  So far, so good.

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