What’s Happening on Campus

Today is a beautiful fall day on campus.  Cool weather but lots of sun.

There was an event on Saturday sponsored by Residence Life and Housing that looked like great fun.  It involved students dressing up in costume and doing some sort of obstacle course/road race.  The students appeared to be working in teams, wearing numbers and running with a paper or some sort of list in their hands.  If your student was involved, we’d love to know details of what this event was (email parents@nullwfu.edu).

Looking ahead to this week, there are two great activities happening tomorrow (Tuesday Nov. 2):  Writer Emily Herring Wilson (MA ’62) will discuss her biography of American garden writer Elizabeth Lawrence in her talk, “License to Snoop: Writing the Life and Editing the Letters of a Private Woman.” Mandelbaum Reading Room, Z. Smith Reynolds Library.  

Later on Tuesday, the Fall Campus Picnic will be held from 5 – 7 p.m. on Hearn Plaza (the main Quad).  The picnic is free for students, and it’s a great chance to have a meal and an informal visit with faculty and staff and their families. 

For those who are already thinking holidays, tickets go on sale starting today for the popular candlelight guided tours of historic Reynolda House, to be held on Dec. 9, 10 and 11.  If you are coming to campus around that time to bring your student home after finals, please consider taking this tour.  Reynolda House is an amazing place, both for its incredible collection of American Art and for its historic house.  For interested parents, tickets are $18 ($12 for members and students 18 and under) and can be ordered at 336.758.5150.

Finally, if you didn’t catch the WFUParents Tweet this weekend, there was an incredible development at the WFU Institute for Regenerative Medicine last week, as reported by CBS.  “Researchers at Wake Forest University’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine have grown a miniature liver using human cells.  It’s only an inch in diameter – not big enough to work for a human.  But the hope is to someday grow bigger livers for people who need them, or to use them for testing new drugs.”  Read more here.

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