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I was visiting with a prospective WFU family recently and they were looking for local restaurant recommendations. Student Union compiled a restaurant list this year for Family Weekend, and the WFU student entrepreneurial venture mySavu.com also has a list of restaurants on their web site. But if you have not discovered wakestudent.com, the web site run by and for WFU students, you are missing a good look into student life and student interests.

One of the featured articles on wakestudent.comtoday is about Mozelle’s, which is an absolutely delightful restaurant in Winston-Salem’s West End (and for alumni parents who read the Daily Deac, it is located in the old West End Cafe’s spot).  Staff writer Kate Rowan had this to say about Mozelle’s:

“Nestled on the corner of Fourth Street and Burke lies a dining establishment of a uniquely Southern nature, with the charm to match. The unconventional bright green walls of the cozy space are only a piece of what provides clients of Mozelles with distinctive dining bliss.

A modern twist on traditional fare, Mozelles maintains a down-home cuisine with a dash of inventive culinary sophistication in every meal at a reasonable price.” Read her full review here or go to Mozelle’s web site.

Where do you like to eat when you come to Winston-Salem? What are your student’s favorite local restaurants? Email parents@nullwfu.edu with your suggestions.

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