Homecoming Photos

Homecoming was this past weekend, and there are a number of great photo albums online so you can see the events of the weekend. Wake Forest alumni are very loyal and they come back for a great weekend of reunion class events (for all classes celebrating a 5th reunion all the way up to the 50th reunion!), the Festival on the Quad, pregame tailgate, football game and more. Wake Forest also likes to make Homecoming a family affair, with activities for kids as well as alumni. There are some great pictures online, so check them out.

It is a rainy day on campus, and students are finishing the last of their papers and/or exams and getting ready for Fall Break this weekend. If your student is going home to see you, expect they will do a lot of eating and sleeping. If they are headed to a roommate’s or friend’s house, don’t be surprised if they call you at the end of the weekend, a bit homesick for their own family and their own house – particularly if they are first year students.

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