Happy Halloween

It’s Friday afternoon and it’s a beautiful day in Winston-Salem. This morning was quite chilly, but the sun has warmed the Quad and the fall leaves are at their peak. Great day to be a student. Great day to take a walk around campus or to Reynolda Village, and there are numerous social activities this weekend – from movies to the Dead-utante Ball – for students to enjoy.

As the calendar turns to November, students will be starting the home stretch on the semester. There’s little over a month before finals, so students will be amping it up and going into high gear in the next couple weeks to finish their final papers and projects.  Very soon it will be Thanksgiving, and most of our students will be home for one last bit of parental TLC before finals begin in earnest. This is especially key for first year students, who tend to have a bit more anxiety about their first set of finals, just because they aren’t sure what to expect.

For now, encourage your students to enjoy the great weather and the splendor of the fall season.

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