Special Places on Campus

Wake Forest is arguably one of the prettiest campuses in the country, and there are many special places on campus.┬áHere’s a sampling of some of the places that provide great beauty, a quiet moment for reflection, a great view, and more.

The balcony off Benson University Center overlooking the Tribble Hall courtyard

Sit in one of the wooden rocking chairs and enjoy the great view as you watch the campus walk by beneath you.

Campus Grounds – the student coffee shop

Warm, rich colors, comfy seating. A great place for a cup of coffee or to study.

Reynolda Gardens

Take the walking path from campus and wind your way through the woods up to Reynolda House Museum of Art and Reynolda Gardens. If you’re driving in the fall, Stratford Road and its avenue of overhanging trees is one of the prettiest spots anywhere.

The swings on Davis Field

Two wooden swings are hanging in the trees on Davis Field on the way to Scales Fine Arts Center. Frequently you’ll see students swinging gleefully and enjoying a spontaneous burst of childlike joy. Our late president, Thomas K. Hearn, Jr., was known to swing on these.

The Mag Patio

With umbrella tables and rocking chairs, this is a great place to study or eat al fresco.

Wait Chapel Steps and the Quad (Hearn Plaza)

There is nothing prettier than sitting on the steps of Wait Chapel looking towards Reynolda Hall on a crisp fall day, or even better at twilight.

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