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WFU Law School Offers New Pre-law Program to Undergrads

The Wake Forest University School of Law is excited to announce a new pre-law program for undergraduates taught by Professors Wilson Parker and Chris Coughlin.

The program consists of two courses that will be taught in the law school but will qualify for credit from the undergraduate college: Lawyers and Legal Institutions (Political Science 286) and Advocacy, Debate, and the Law (Communications 370).

“The primary purpose of this program is to show undergraduates what law school is like,” Parker explained.  “Many college students in the past have applied to law school simply because they could not decide what else to do after graduation.  Law school is now far too expensive to engage in a ‘test drive’ for a whole year.”

The goal of the program is to give college students a realistic view of law student life and to educate them about the career opportunities of lawyers.  Read more about this new program.