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Reynolda Campus of WFU to open at 11 a.m. today Feb. 24

This is an update regarding the schedule Tuesday, February 24, for the Reynolda Campus of Wake Forest University.

Due to unexpected snow, the Reynolda Campus of Wake Forest University will open at 11 a.m. Tuesday, February 24.

Classes scheduled to start before 11 a.m. will not meet Tuesday.

The University’s Black and Gold shuttle line will begin running at 9:50 a.m. Tuesday.  The University’s Gray shuttle line will begin running at 9:58 a.m. Tuesday.

Local Conditions will vary in the region, so please use your best judgment regarding your own safety.

Please see the Wake Alert website at for any other announcements that may be made.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

Reynolda Campus to open at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday Feb. 18

The Reynolda Campus of Wake Forest University will open at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, February 18.

Classes scheduled to start before 9:30 a.m. will not meet Wednesday.

The University’s Black and Gold shuttle line will begin running at 8:20 a.m. Wednesday.  The University’s Gray shuttle line will begin running at 8:28 a.m. Wednesday.

Please see the Wake Alert website at for any other announcements that may be made.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

Reynolda Campus Closed Tuesday Feb. 17

Because of weather conditions, the Reynolda Campus of Wake Forest University will be closed for classes and offices on Tuesday, February 17.

Travel on and off campus is hazardous, so all are encouraged to be cautious outside.

For those planning to attend events on campus Tuesday, check with the host or sponsoring organization. To obtain information on campus dining, visit Recreation facilities, Z. Smith Reynolds Library and Benson University Center will be open Tuesday.

Please continue to check the Wake Alert website at for any other announcements that may be made.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

Family Weekend set for October 2-4

Mark your calendars for fall Family Weekend, which will be held October 2-4, 2015. Over the summer, Student Union (who plans all Family Weekend activities) will be providing information about the weekend’s events, hotel information, and more.

For alumni parents, Homecoming will be held September 25-26, 2015. The Office of Alumni Engagement will have more information about Homecoming in the summer.

Campus Memorial Service for Clayton Bruntjen

A campus memorial service for Clayton Lane Bruntjen, a Wake Forest junior, will be held on Saturday, February 28, at 2 p.m. in Wait Chapel.

A Wake Forest junior, Clayton died unexpectedly at his off-campus residence on February 5.  A funeral service was held this week in Illinois.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

Administrative Support for Imam Khalid Griggs

Dear Wake Forest Students, Faculty and Staff,

When Imam Khalid Griggs was named Associate Chaplain for Muslim Life in 2010, I spoke about the strength of Wake Forest’s religious heritage as we sought to provide religious leadership for the University’s Muslim community. At that time, I said, “This position will promote an even broader dialogue among people of different faith traditions and encourage a greater awareness of differing beliefs, both of which are critical to enriching the quality of our campus community.”

Since then, the Wake Forest campus community has supported Imam Griggs and his efforts to build bridges among people of many faiths.

Until now, I, along with other University leaders, trustees and Imam Griggs, have not publicly addressed an ongoing campaign an alumnus has waged against Imam Griggs, as well as our University. We have found the allegations of this alumnus unmerited and his methods inappropriate, and we elected not to provide him a platform. However, a recent escalation of his tactics requires a public response.

I want Wake Forest students, faculty, staff and alumni to know where their institutional leadership stands – in full support of Imam Griggs. Imam Griggs is an experienced, well-respected religious leader whose pastoral care and interfaith engagement assist Muslim students and people of all backgrounds on our campus.

In an open letter sent to all Wake Forest alumni yesterday, Imam Griggs sought to reassure our many alumni who recently have received confusing emails from the alumnus.

Our heritage is one of affirming diversity and of supporting community members, especially when they are unfairly targeted. On behalf of the entire Reynolda Cabinet, and with the support of the Board of Trustees, I wish to publicly thank Imam Griggs for the courage, grace and commitment he has demonstrated in these difficult circumstances.


Nathan O. Hatch

Where Will You Wake? Room Selection

Housing and Dining Selection 2015 will occur online April 13th -17th. Students will begin receiving information about the process in early March. Information Sessions, Q&A Tables, and a Help Desk will be available before and during the selection process to assist students. A second round of selection will occur online in July for students who do not select a bed during the first round.

Students who need special consideration during the selection process due to a documented medical condition should submit the appropriate documentation to Student Health Services no later than March 6th. Any documentation submitted after March 6th will be evaluated at a later date and a recommendation will be considered for the second round of selection in July.

Seniors may participate in the selection process online to live on-campus April 13th -17th or register their address online beginning May 1st if they are living off-campus.  If they choose to live off-campus, it could be helpful for parents to have conversations with them about the varying levels of responsibility and community expectations that come with living in a single-family home versus in an apartment or on campus.

Think about a house of college students living next to you and how you would want them to conduct themselves and maintain the house. Many of our neighbors have been living in their homes for decades, even before Wake Forest moved to Winston-Salem. Our office works with our off-campus students, neighbors, and the city to maintain a great community for everyone in the university area.

Students who are studying abroad this fall will select a study abroad placeholder bed in the selection process in April and then in late fall they will be able to select their housing for the Spring semester. They will have the option to be pulled into a space that is vacant, or will become vacant at the end of the fall semester, with any upperclass student, or in a Greek block.

If the student is not pulled into a space, then the students will choose a space online in mid-December. These spaces are available all over campus, but their options to live with another person returning from abroad, and/or to live in a specific location will likely be very limited due to the logistics of hundreds of students leaving for the Spring semester and hundreds of students returning from abroad.


– From Residence Life and Housing

Service Trips for Winter Break

In the next month, the Pro Humanitate Institute will announce service trips for next winter break (late December 2015– January 2016) to Vietnam and India.  Our service trip in India, where students serve with the Missionaries of Charity, was our inaugural international service program, founded in 1994.  As part of this program, students also travel to New Delhi and Agra to visit the Taj Mahal.  Our Vietnam service trip started in 2002.  During this program, students have helped to build schools, mercy houses, and playgrounds, as well as teaching English, spending time with local families, and engaging in cultural travel.

The cost for each trip is approximately $3,800.  Student participants have described their service as life-changing and transformational.

Applications for these trips will be available by February 28th.  For further information, please contact Dr. Mary Gerardy, Associate Vice President for Campus Life and Director of Global Engagement, Pro Humanitate Institute (


International Travel Clinic

Spring and summer break are right around the corner. Is your son or daughter considering international travel for leisure, study abroad or service?  If so, the Student Health Service International Travel Clinic should be part of their travel planning.

The International Travel Clinic is committed to providing quality health information, medications, and vaccinations to ensure safe and healthy travel overseas.  The Travel Clinic offers a personalized assessment of travel medicine needs based on the individual’s medical history.

The International Travel Clinic has the most up-to-date travel health information and is recognized by the International Travel Medicine Society.


Community in Progress: A message from Vice President Rue

This message is sent on behalf of Vice President for Campus Life Penny Rue:

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

With collective and sustained effort, many members of the Wake Forest community have worked together—students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni—to make steady progress on issues of social justice, diversity and inclusion, fair and effective law enforcement, and other issues that require institutional and cultural change.  We are grateful to the members of our community who are invested in creating solutions to the challenges that face our campus and the broader society.  Many have called for us to do better and be better, and we will.

In order to communicate directly with those of you who have made recommendations, demands, or commitments, as well as all interested Wake Foresters, we have developed a new website, Community in Progress, as a central place to keep abreast of the commitments and actions that are moving Wake Forest toward the goal of making our community one that always recognizes and values the inherent worth and dignity of each person.

We call it Community in Progress because it requires our ongoing commitment. By documenting what has been done by so many across campus, and outlining clear plans for more positive changes related to admissions, communications, curriculum & faculty engagement, orientation, space, student engagement, policing and strategic management, we will keep everyone informed and mark our progress.

I am encouraged by the steps forward, but also recognize the disheartening incidents that threaten to disrupt our community’s momentum.  When individual acts of bias and intolerance occur, we must not let these deter us from collective progress.

Thank you for all your efforts intended to make Wake Forest a better place and for holding all of us accountable for continued progress.

Penny Rue
Vice President for Campus Life