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New Student Action Items

Parents 0f incoming first-year students are asked to check with their students on the status of two important pre-enrollment items: 1) the Directed Self Placement (DSP) assignment for writing, and 2) the Health Information and Immunization Form.

85% of students have completed their DSP to date, which is great!  But we need the remaining 15% to do so.  Even students with AP credit for English are required to do the assignment.  Not only will it help students with their course selection, it will help us make sure students get the writing support they need as first year students.  If your student has not taken the DSP, please have him/her email as soon as possible for instructions on completing the assignment.

The Health Information and Immunization Form is due July 1.  Students must turn this in to be able to register for and attend classes.  Please check with your student to ensure he/she has completed these items.