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New Parents

Congratulations to parents and families of students enrolled into the Class of 2019!  We are eager to welcome your student to Wake Forest in August 2015!

So that we may begin including you on important communications from Wake Forest, please complete a Parent Record Form online at your earliest convenience.  Please be sure to include your email address on this form, as email is the primary means of communication with Wake Forest families.  Once we have your email, we will begin including you on our Wake Parents and Families email newsletter; see archives here.  (Note: if you are an alumnus/a, or have another student enrolled at Wake Forest, you do not need to submit a new Parent Record Form, as you are already in our system.  If you have a new address, email, job, etc. simply update any new or changed information via the Update Information Form.  This form is used for all alumni, parent and friends’ updates).

NOTE: some of our international students have had difficulty getting the Parent Record Form to show up on their computers.  Sometimes computer forms work better in one Internet web browser better than another.  In the event you have difficulty with the Parent Record Form, please try using a different browser (for example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.)

The Parents’ Page will be your portal for news and information especially for parents and family members.  We hope you will bookmark it and visit it often.

We have a Daily Deac parent blog, which is meant to give parent and families (and even admitted students) a glimpse of life on campus.  You can subscribe to the Daily Deac by following these instructions.  We also invite you to follow us on Facebook (Wake Forest Parents) and Twitter (WFUParents).

What is the New Students web site?
In mid-May, a Newstudents web site will be released; it will have a special section just for families.  We will add a link to that site when it is live.  This will be a site you’ll want to bookmark and reference throughout the summer.  Once Orientation is completed, the site will go down and all parent information will be on the main Parents’ Page (

When does my student need to register for classes, select housing, etc.?
All incoming students in the Class of 2019 will do those activities (and many more) during summer 2015.  Once the site goes live in mid-May, students (and parents) will be able to see a list of deadlines and action items.  (If you are currently viewing news on the Parents’ Page or in the Wake Parents and Families e-newsletter and see what appears to be action items for students, those are for currently enrolled students only.)

When is Move-in Day?
Move-in Day will be Friday, August 21, 2015.  The Orientation schedule has not yet been released.  To give you an idea of past years’ schedules, typically the students move in on the 21st, then there will be student and parent activities that day and evening continuing on to Saturday the 22nd.  Typically, parents are free to depart by early afternoon on the 22nd; there are some optional activities that run later that day, but they are optional.  As we have more detailed information, we will post it here.

NOTE: some of our students elect to participate in optional pre-orientation programs; these take place a few days before official Move-In and cover a variety of different subjects/activities.  Past pre-orientation programs have included: Wilderness to Wake (similar to an Outward Bound overnight program), Deacon Camp (learning about history and traditions of WFU), SPARC (a volunteering/service/civic engagement type program), and SUMMIT Christian ministries conference.  You may wish to avoid buying plane tickets for Move-In if your student thinks he/she might want to do a pre-orientation program.  There will be a lot of information about Move-In and pre-orientation programs closer to the beginning of May 2015, when our New Students web site goes live.  

When is Family Weekend 2015?
The date for Fall Family Weekend 2015 is October 2-4.  Registration for 2015 Family Weekend will open on July 15th at 10 am Eastern.  There are some Family Weekend Events (such as the Touchdown Club football and meal package) that have limited capacity, so register quickly to reserve your place. NOTE: due to television scheduling, we will not know the exact time of the football game until 10 days before Family Weekend.

What are other key dates in the 2015-16 school year/when can I purchase plane tickets for my student?
Families can use the academic calendar as a general guideline of when school is out of session, however, before you make any plane reservations for your student, you would be wise to wait until after the semester starts.  Once your student has his/her schedule, the student can consult the syllabus for each of his/her classes and discuss the class/exam schedule with the professor.  Some professors will schedule exams or assignments on the last day of class before break, and some professors have attendance requirements that only allow a certain number of missed classes, and your student is responsible for knowing the specific requirements for his/her classes.  Also, your student must be sure of his/her final exam schedule.  Exam schedules will be posted on the Registrar’s web site when they are finalized.  Exams are typically held from 9am-12 noon and 2-5 pm, though students should consult their specific course syllabus for information.  NOTE:  for families of young women who plan to go through sorority recruitment in January, please note that their arrival on campus is typically several days before the rest of campus; the Fraternity and Sorority Life web site will have the recruitment schedule after the fall term begins.

Please feel free to contact the Parent Programs office at if you need additional information or assistance.

Welcome to Wake Forest!