Dr. Hatch’s Spring Letter to the Community

On January 14, Dr. Hatch sent a message to students faculty and staff with an update on campus and community activities.

“Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Welcome back! It is wonderful to have activity and life return to our campus. While I trust the break was refreshing for each of you, I hope you are eager to resume your studies as scholars at Wake Forest. As you embark on this semester, I challenge you in three aspects of your journey.

First, spend time with and invest in your friends. Take the opportunity to be with them and get to know them better. Learn their character and teach them yours. Share experiences together; gain their perspectives and value them for who they are. Find people you trust and cultivate those friendships.” ┬áRead the full message online.


For more information on how to contact the Office of Family Engagement, please visit our contact page.