You cannot come to campus until your immunization documentation is received

This message is being sent on behalf of University offices involved with immunization compliance 

Bottom Line, Up Front

  • You cannot come to campus until you come into compliance with the North Carolina Immunization law and the University’s immunization policy. The Health Information and Immunization Form (HIIF) was due July 1.
  • You will be removed from your WFU courses unless you come into compliance.

Dear Wake Forest student,

This is your third notice that Wake Forest has still not received:

  • your completed Health Information and Immunization (HIIF) form
  • OR an approved medical or religious exemption; check your Student Health portal if you are unsure if your exemption request was approved or not. You will receive a message in the portal if it is not approved.
  • OR notification that you are an international student unable to access required vaccines in your home country

***Even if you think you already turned in your HIIF form, you are receiving this message because Wake Forest does not have a record of your HIIF form on file. You must take action now. You cannot plan to come to campus until this requirement is completed successfully.*** 

You must email your completed HIIF form to or upload it to your Student Health Portal if you intend to remain enrolled in campus programs in the fall of 2022. 

Note: if you submitted your HIIF form in the last 72 hours, thank you for doing so. Your submission is being reviewed.

Checking the status of your HIIF form documentation once submitted

Please do not contact the Student Health Service to ask if your documentation was received and accepted. You must use this self-check procedure to see your immunization compliance status:

  • Log into the Student Health Portal with your WFU email address. 
  • Look at the IMMUNIZATION COMPLIANCE banner that appears at the top of your screen (pictured below).

Example of the new student portal banner

  • If you see green checkmarks for all required vaccines in the IMMUNIZATION COMPLIANCE banner, you are in compliance with University policy. No further action is needed.
  • If you see any red Xs for required vaccines in the IMMUNIZATION COMPLIANCE banner, it means you are not yet in compliance OR that your documentation was recently submitted and is still processing, OR that your initial upload was not received. You should check your Secure Messages in the Student Health Portal to see if any additional information is needed.

  • Please allow at least three (3) business days from when you submitted your documentation before checking to allow for processing. Additional details can be found here.

If you fail to provide the required immunization documentation: 

  • The University Registrar will remove you from your courses. 
  • A student’s scholarships and other financial aid cannot be paid while the student is not registered for classes.
  • Residence Life and Housing will remove you from University housing (if applicable). If you are removed from housing due to non-compliance, you are not guaranteed the same housing assignment upon return.

We want you to avoid interruptions in your academic progress. It is critical that you take care of this required documentation as soon as possible. 



To contact the Office of Family Engagement or Family Communications, please visit our contact page.


For mental health assistance: 336-758-CARE (2273) is a service that ensures someone will always be available (i.e., 24/7 M-F, weekends and university holidays) to provide caring and thoughtful consultation services for Wake Forest students in need of mental health assistance or support.