Final notification to students with large unpaid account balances

The following message was sent this morning from Student Financial Services to students who had sizable unpaid balances on their student account. This is their second and final notification.

Dear Student,  

On September 8, you received a message (see below) about the unpaid balance on your student account. There is still an outstanding balance that must be paid as soon as possible; Fall 2020 charges were due August 1. 

If your outstanding balance is not paid in full, we will be required to notify the Registrar’s Office to cancel your fall classes on Monday, September 21, 2020 at 12 pm EST. Additionally, you will not be able to live in University housing until your balance is paid. Residence Life and Housing will contact you regarding vacating your housing accordingly. We don’t want to do that, so we need your prompt attention to this matter.

Please visit DEAC ( to view your student account and to make an online payment. If you have further questions regarding financial aid issues, please contact the Office of Financial aid at or call 336-758-5154. 

If you have questions regarding your bill, payment or hold, please do not hesitate to email the SFS Office at for assistance.

We look forward to resolving your balance and clearing your student account as soon as possible.


Wake Forest University Student Financial Services
PO Box 7366
Winston-Salem, NC  27109
Tel  336.758.5234


To contact the Office of Family Engagement, please visit our contact page.

If Your Student Has a Problem

One of the best ways parents/families can help their students is to let them solve their own problems. Use the Stop, Drop, and Roll method when your student contacts you with a problem.  The flyer also lists contact information for serious concerns where family intervention might be appropriate.

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