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Yesterday I did not have time to write the Daily Deac because it was my first day back after a week of PTO and then on top of that so much other stuff was happening. In case you missed it, late Sunday night some students received an email message referencing a “Sixth Circle” website. You can read the message and more information about it here.

Parents and families have had a number of questions about this situation. Most notably, folks have wanted to know that Wake Forest has 1) looked into this situation and 2) has taken it seriously. I am part of our Crisis Management Team and can tell you the answers are yes and yes. Law enforcement officials were called on Sunday evening, have been fully aware of the message, are taking it seriously, and continue to monitor it. As the University communicated to campus yesterday, there is no evidence to suggest that the message constitutes an actual threat to campus.

As a mother, I can understand the range of emotions some parents and families expressed yesterday. As someone who has spent more than 20 years on this campus as a staff member and as a student prior to that, I can assure you that there is no higher priority than the safety and wellbeing of our students.

In general, I have always regarded this blog as a form of “infotainment” – a way to give parents and families a glimpse of life on campus, enough so you know what is going on, have a taste of things, share some tips/advice/etc.

But because this is an “opt-in” blog and does not go to all parents/families, the Daily Deac can’t be the official place for family news. I try to keep the content of the Daily Deac light, with stuff that (I hope) gives added value. The “news all families should have” goes in the Wake Parents and Families enewsletter and/or the Family News page. On rare occasions, where we have something extraordinary to share, we may email all families with news.

Because we had more parent calls and emails yesterday than usual, I broke from normal form and talked about the message here. And because I get emails sometimes asking ‘why didn’t you talk about X or Y in the blog?’, today felt like the right time to share some of my thinking about what we communicate and where we choose to do it.

So now back to some of our normal content. There is a terrific program on campus in June that might be of interest to our parents and families. Camp Third Act is being sponsored by our Office of Alumni Engagement, but it is open to ALL Wake Foresters, whether alumni, parents and families, or friends.

Camp Third Act gives you a chance to contemplate your “Third Act” – maybe what you do once you are finished having kids in the house, or want to leave your current job and start your dream gig, whatever that may be. Invest in yourself and in your dreams by considering what might be next for you – and have a weekend away in beautiful W-S just for YOU!  Details below.


June 8-9, 2018

Register now to guarantee your spot at Camp Third Act, a new signature event designed to guide you while you identify and achieve the goals for your best life.

Join us for a weekend on campus where you will hear from Gregg Levoy, our keynote speaker, and Wake Forest leaders and alumni. Experience interactive sessions and a time for reflection, with follow-up discussions – all to help you define your calling and build a roadmap for what’s next.

Is retirement drawing near? Are you ready to finally follow your dream? Return home to Mother, So Dear to contemplate your third act. Visit for details on the schedule, hotels, and registration.

For questions, please contact Suzanne Shay, or 336.758.5941

REGISTER NOW as space is limited.

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