Funday Monday

Pretty sure I am not the only one who woke up late this morning. My hometown team of the Eagles won lastnight, and I am really glad the game is over, because my P’92 in a Phili suburb was going out of her mind for most of the game. Congrats to both the Eagles and the Pats – that was a really fun game to watch, and both teams were superbly matched.

Today wanted to make a reminder about the Margot Lee Shetterly (Hidden Figures) visit tomorrow evening; the keynote is the only event still open, see for details.  There will be a follow up discussion about her visit on Thursday from 5-6 pm (see graphic at right).

major/minor declarationMajor/minor declaration is coming up soon, as shown in the graphic at the right.

Also, there is a wonderful summer school option for students who want to work towards their foreign language requirement in Spanish. Details below.

ISLI (Intensive Summer Language Institute) Program in Spanish during Summer Session I

Does your son or daughter have a heavy course load during the semester, or for any reason may need/want to fulfill their language requirement in Spanish in five weeks during the first
summer session? Share with them this learning experience!

  • An intensive language program to allow students to take SPA 153 & 213 together in Summer Session I.
  • Eligible students must have completed SPA 112, SPA 113, placed into SPA 153 or SPA 154, or want/need to retake SPA 153.
  • 7 credit hours total, 4 from SPA 153 and 3 from SPA 213.

ISLI information for parentsFor more information, contact Prof. Mendoza-Batista at, or visit our webpage:  The application deadline is: April 15, 2018

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