This morning I was at a meeting with lots of staff from various areas of Campus Life, and wanted to give you a recap of some of the many, many opportunities that your students have in the coming days and weeks.

Tomorrow Sept 22nd is the 9th annual World Cultural Festival at 5:30.  There will be food, music, different cultural information and displays in a festival kind of atmosphere.

Sept. 28th alumna Emily Giffin ’94, author of the hit novels Something Borrowed and Something Blue will be here for a presentation and book signing of her new novel First Comes Love.

Also on Sept. 28th Diane Guerrero of the hit show Orange is the New Black will be on campus for a Journeys to Success lecture.  This is part of our honoring of Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month.  The Intercultural Center is sponsoring other great activities too.

Sept. 29th from 3-5 pm is Arrive and Thrive in the newly and spectacularly renovated Reynolds Gym.  It will feature all kinds of activities: PUPPIES [the most important in my mind :)], a photo booth, coloring, massages, games, rock climbing, henna, and more.

Speaking of how to Thrive, a couple more options:

The Office of Wellbeing is offering two amazing opportunities: on campus massages – $50 for a one-hour session – which is as cheap as you are ever going to find an hour-long massage.  They are also offering wellbeing coaching sessions (completely free for students).

The University Counseling Center is offering a variety of group opportunities this fall: a power lunch session for men, eating disorder recovery, distress tolerance skills, mindful awareness, and international tea time with international students.  See the flyers (in PDF form) below for more.

Suicide Prevention Week is next week, and students will be seeing messages on the Quad and other places about this. The UCC will also be doing anxiety and depression screenings in early October, as well as doing “Deacon Drop Ins” at the ZSR Library and in the Law School soon.

Oct. 5th the Office of Sustainability is bringing Dr. Katherine Wilkinson, senior writer of Drawdown, to campus for a keynote speech and to discuss the 80 solutions we can employ to make our world a better, healthier place.  Best news is that Wake is either currently using or investigating 25 of these today – with no doubt more to come!

And that is just the stuff I know about.

Finally, I have no idea whether this will come through for you or not, but as I was typing this in the Benson Center after a morning meeting, there was a male student who was just KILLING IT playing the piano on the 4th floor.  He was playing a variety of pieces, and the sound reverberated all over Benson in the most delightful way. I did not want to interrupt him or take video without his knowledge, so I tried to do a sound recording (if it works for you, you may need to turn your volume way up.  Piano Man, I hope you keep doing this in future weeks!)

Arrive-and-Thrive-2017 (PDF)

Thrive-New-Services-2017  (PDF)

University-Counseling-Center-Fall-2017-Groups  (PDF)

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