Friday the 13th

Happy Black and Gold Friday, Deac families!  It’s Friday the 13th – but I hope your students are experiencing nothing but good luck! With it being only the fourth day of classes, it’s not likely that your students are already having big tests or projects due – so we’ll count that as good luck.  Even though they just came back from break, my sense is that students will be quite happy to have a 3-day weekend so they can ease back in to the normal routine of schoolwork.

We always encourage families to talk to their students on Fridays, as there have been studies that show that parental contact on a Friday can reduce high-risk student behaviors; even if you don’t talk about anything related to alcohol, the contact has been shown to have a harm-reducing effect.  With sorority recruitment just having concluded, fraternity recruitment in process, and the long weekend, it’s a great time to talk to your students and to remind them that you love them and are counting on them to make wise, healthy choices.

I won’t be doing a Daily Deac on Monday, but wanted to mention a couple events next week that might be of interest to your students:

Study Abroad Fair – Tuesday 1/24 from 11 am-4 pm in Benson 401.  It is not too soon to think about study abroad, even if you are the parent/family member of a first-year student.  If your Deac wants to go abroad in the fall of his/her junior year, he/she might realistically be applying (for rolling admissions programs anyways) in the fall of ’17.  Best to plan ahead.

Secrest Artists Series – Thursday 1/26 at 7:30 pm in Brendle Recital Hall.  eighth blackbird, which is a multi-Grammy award winning music ensemble, will be here.  Tickets are free to students with WFU ID.  How often in life after WFU will your students be able to see a Grammy award winning musical group for free?  Likely not that often, so take advantage while they can!

Humans vs. Zombies – Friday 1/27 at 7:30 pm in the ZSR Library.  Humans v. Zombies has become a cult classic on campus. You get to channel all the stress of the week and take it out on zombies with NERF dart blasters in approximately 150,000 square feet of the ZSR.  If you aren’t familiar with the game, the rules are below.  Also some pictures of past HvZ events.

Have a great weekend, Deac families!

Wake Forest students play Humans versus Zombies in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library.A group of Wake Forest women searching for zombiesStudents with NERF dart blasters search for zombies in the stacks of the ZSR LibraryStudents search for zombies as part of the ZSR Library's Humans vs. Zombies event————

How to Play Humans v Zombies

Stop the zombie horde! Use Nerf blasters to hit zombies with one blaster dart (preferably below the neck). Zombies do not die, but instead come back to the ZSR Atrium and respawn after a brief pause. Humans who are two-hand tagged by a Zombie must come back to the Atrium, set down their blaster, and join the Zombie horde, hunting for humans to tag!

Play Areas

  • All eight floors of the library can be used for play. (Locked areas not for play)
  • Atrium floor, Central stairwell and central elevator lobbies are neutral zones!
    • All other stairwells and elevators are fair game!
  • The bathrooms are neutral zones.
  • Everyone must have one foot on the ground at all times (no climbing shelves, jumping, etc). If running, you can jump out of the way.

The Rules

  • Two or more students volunteer to start the game as zombies
  • Zombies must clearly tag a human to make them a zombie (not just brush them with a fingertip). Tags must be two handed to count.
  • When a human is tagged, they must take their Nerf blaster to the Atrium, leave it, and become a member of the zombie horde.
  • Humans must hit zombies with a blaster dart to stun them. Shot placement does not matter, but please refrain from aiming for the face, as headshots are no more effective than shots to any other part of the zombie’s body.
  • The only legal projectiles are nerf darts fired from an unmodded nerf/buzzbee/other brand blaster, requiring one shot to stun a zombie, assuming a group of 5 or less. See below for rules concerning groups of more than 5.
  • If a group of Humans exceeds 5 people, they must blast the zombie one extra time for each person over 5 (e.g., if a group has 6 people, zombies require 2 shots to stun, and if a group has 7 people, zombies require 3 shots to stun).
  • There are no limits to how many zombies may travel in a group. Larger hordes are encouraged.
  • No barricades of any kind
  • One foot on the floor (exception: while running, players may jump out of the way of other players, obstacles, and projectiles)
  • No moving furniture or books
  • Don’t get hurt! (But if you do get hurt, come back to the atrium, we have first aid!)







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