Health Questions – Part III

It’s an unseasonably cool high 70s today, which is a welcome break from what has been an oppressively hot summer.  Cooler weather gives me a reason to share a final entry on health questions – food for thought to stash away for once we hit cold and flu season.

Student Health Service (SHS) sometimes sees students who think they have a cold, but it in fact turns out to be allergies. The levels and types of pollen might be different here than from your students’ home areas, and some students are affected.  Read more.

Particularly during flu season, some students may be wondering if they have a cold or if it is the flu.  This article talks about how to tell the difference and when to seek treatment.  Read more.

This last one I have been guilty of myself – going to the doctor thinking that my illness requires an antibiotic, and I leave the office without one (and grumpy to boot). SHS has shared some guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about when antibiotics are appropriate and when they are not.  Read more.

Also, while it is still summer and your Deacs are home, never too soon to talk about things like using hand sanitizer, not sharing cups/food/utensils with other people (especially if they are sick), hand washing, getting a flu shot when they become available, etc.  I can’t tell you what is the right thing to do there – only you will know what is right for your family – but consider having whichever conversations feel appropriate to you.

— by Betsy Chapman
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