Weekend Recap

This past Friday was Campus Day for Accepted Students (the first of two, the other will be Friday, April 22nd).  There were 400ish prospective families with us, and of those I talked to during the registration period, it seemed pretty evenly split between students who were definitely enrolling, and those who were still kicking the tires on Wake vs. [other school].

It was a beautiful day in the sense that the flowers were blooming and the sun was out, but it was COLD COLD COLD.  Felt like mid 30s during the morning, which is very much atypical this time of year.

Around lunchtime, I went to Bistro ’34 in North Campus Dining Hall (along with tons of Campus Day visitors). Folks, this is a great reminder that if your Deacs don’t normally frequent Bistro ’35, they ought to head over there for a meal.  Whereas Shorty’s has a more casual feel (think a little more burgers and sweet potato fries), Bistro ’34 feels more upscale. My dining companions and I feasted on a delicious and heart tomato florentine soup, falafel, a grilled salmon quinoa salad, and a couple of good sandwiches.  Behind our table was Coach Danny Manning and some of his staff, an added bonus.

At the very end of Campus Day, you might recall, Wait Chapel empties out onto the Quad and the marching band and cheerleaders are there to play and cheer, and the Demon Deacon mascot gets to take his picture with as many new Deacs as wish to get that cherished selfie.  Always a great moment.

Fast forward to the weekend.  It was a busy social time.  In addition to the last showings of the musical and the Words Awake concert, Student Union’s big concert was on Friday night – the Chainsmokers (I confess to not knowing their work). On Saturday was Pro Humanitate Day, where Deacs everywhere could serve in their community to help fight child hunger. Also on Saturday was Lauren Bush Lauren, cofounder of FEED, who was here to give a talk as part of Pro Humanitate Day.  I am also told it was Beach Weekend for some of our fraternities, which seems a darn shame given how cold it was.

4 11 16 zsrSaw this picture on ZSR’s Facebook page this morning – for Deacs who need research paper help, the ZSR has them covered every Monday.  And in the not-too-distant future will be Wake the Library. This is a great article talking about this wonderful innovation from the ZSR, now in its 10th year. Many a finals-stressed student has found a refuge and a haven at the ZSR. They deserve our praise and our support!

— by Betsy Chapman

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