Much To Say – Even More to DO!

You are probably all tiring of the descriptions of the superb weather we are having here, but it bears repeating. It. Is. Glorious.

Lots on the docket to talk about today, most of it coming in the vein of ‘items on the WFU smorgasboard’.  Urge your Deacs to loosen their belts and sample plentifully of all there is to offer.

A disclaimer – this is but a portion of things on the horizon, but because I was just at a meeting where many of these things were discussed, I wanted to share in a timely fashion. As always, our Events Calendar has a much broader swath of activities to see.

Global Wake Week continues. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, ARAMARK/Campus Dining is hosting an Irish themed dinner tonight in the Pit. Your Deacs can also take Virtual Reality tours of international locations tonight. There will be food trucks tomorrow from 12-2 on the Mag Quad.  The Global Wake Week site has all the events that wrap up this week.

Wake N’ Shake has over 1,250 dancers registered for the dance marathon, which starts at noon this Saturday and runs til midnight. Students can dance and/or can support others who are dancing. Really cool event every year.  (FYI, also on Saturday is an EMS drill to simulate a mass casualty situation; this is just a drill!)

There will be a celebration of the vernal equinox and the official start of spring on Sunday. (And while I never dreamed I would be talking about an event that included the words “sheep shearing,” never say never, because that is part of the deal.  Read it for yourself.)

zenThe Chaplain’s Office has a session coming up Monday at 7 pm on Zen meditation and mindfulness, taught by a leading practitioner. If your students are inclined to stress, urge them to consider learning more about mindfulness. Lots of great research of late showing the positive and lasting benefits of meditation. Next week there will also be a variety of events by and for students from various faith traditions.

There is a Women’s Leadership Symposium 2016 taking place on Tuesday the 21st.  Wake Forest alumna Jessica Shortall (’00 ), co-founder of the Campus Kitchens Project, will be here, and it looks like a great program overall.

A little farther out in time…

The Office of Sustainability is seeking nominations for the Campus Sustainability Awards (due March 28).

The Thrive Office is doing a major study on wellbeing an how Wake Forest has impacted students. Students will get an email April 11 (or shortly after) about how to participate in this research study and help shape the WFU experience for others. Plus, they get a gift for participating. Urge your Deacs to respond to the call of the Wellbeing Study.

The LGBTQ Center will host its Lavender Graduation on April 27th. This is open to the whole community – faculty, staff, students of any year, LGBTQ and allies alike.

Finally, a giant, giant mea culpa on my part. Yesterday’s blog put out a call for advice for incoming P’20 parents. As I live and breathe, when I tested it everything worked beautifully. Somehow in the translation of inserting the form in the blog, it went a bit kerblooie. (I am not a tech person but think it may have had something to do with filling out the form via phone/iPad vs regular computer, but I can’t be sure).

I know it worked for some people, because I did get answers through the form.  But to my dismay, I heard from some of you who submitted answers (and they did not come through), or that you spent time typing them in and then got a form error. I am so, so sorry.

For those of you who didn’t submit yesterday and wanted to, don’t use yesterday’s blog to do so.  This is a link to the form (hosted on its own web page this time). You can also always email us at with your advice.

Again, sorry to anyone who experienced difficulty!

— by Betsy Chapman

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