If LDOC was Last Day of Classes, today is LDOF – Last Day of Finals.  The home stretch.  Then they’ll have 105 or so days of summer before returning to Wake in the fall.

During the time between Commencement for the seniors and Orientation for the new incoming first-year students, the campus takes care of business in terms of projects and renovations.  One such renovation is going to be in the ZSR Library; this from the ZSR enewsletter:

“As soon as the last car drives off campus on graduation day, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library – with the help of Facilities – will commence with several summer renovation projects:

Starbucks Refresh: After six years of brisk business, the Starbucks will receive a much-needed refresh. New furniture, carpet and finishes designed by Starbucks will be installed on both levels. The work will begin on May 19, and Starbucks will be closed for four to six weeks. The two adjacent study rooms and the library entrance on the east (Tribble) side will also be closed for the duration.

5 7 15 zsr renovationsAtrium: The final stage of the Atrium renovation will occur right after exams. Electricians will add new power sources. Existing furniture will be removed, and the cork floors will receive their annual strip/refinish process. This activity will begin the night of May 20 and will be completed May 22. During this time, the Atrium will be closed to make sure the new finish cures properly. Signage will direct visitors to alternate routes to the Wilson Wing. Right after Memorial Day, new furniture will be delivered and installed. Look for a complete update with flexible table configurations, cozy banquettes, tall tables, and cushioned bookcase seating, all with bright colorful fabrics!

Compact Shelving: ZSR has been installing additional compact shelving units in a multi-year effort to increase capacity for book storage using a smaller footprint, thus freeing up space in ZSR for people to use. Two installation projects will happen in Wilson 1 this summer, beginning in late June with completion slated for August. The books shelved in these areas will remain accessible throughout the project.”

While I will be sad to see the Starbucks close for a few weeks, it will be exciting to see the new decor.  Also, it will be interesting to see how students use the flexible seating in the Atrium.  That might be a huge plus for students working on group projects, or who just want to move their tables around to different spots.

One of the current projects you might see if you’re here to move your Deacs home after finals is the Spry Soccer Stadium renovations.  From the Polo Road entrance, you can see enormous piles of red clay (always makes me think of Gone with the Wind and “the red earth of Tara”) as the field is torn out to make room for improvements.  According to a news release, they will be installing new Bermuda turf, irrigation and drainage systems, conduit for future television and live-stream broadcasts, new fence and windscreen surrounding the field, upgraded lighting, and new team equipment, including new field goals and team enclosures.

And we’ll close today with a couple of entertainment tidbits worth a mention.  First is that one of our Deac moms emailed me about the Demon Divas, one of our campus singing groups.  They have a new album called Mine To Make, which is available on iTunes.

Chi Rho, another of our a cappella groups (men only) also had a new album out this spring; The One You Call is also available on iTunes.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-one-you-call/id986425435

Finally, our Commencement speaker, comedian Stephen Colbert, just made an extraordinary display of Pro Humanitate.  Colbert, a native of South Carolina, donated $800,000 to fund every existing grant request South Carolina public school teachers have made via an education crowdfunding website.  Stephen Colbert was already enormously popular and students have been so excited that he is our Commencement speaker.  To have him do something so generous and wonderful for teachers is just the cherry on top.

Pro Humanitate at its best.  Go Deacs!

— by Betsy Chapman

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