Campus Grounds

20100923peifer1929I had a meeting this morning in Campus Grounds, which is a student-run coffeeshop in Taylor Hall.  While the Starbucks on campus always feel like a Starbucks, Campus Grounds has a more intimate, arty feel to it.  The walls are all brightly painted and the tables are colorful and interesting – one was a table completely covered in an image of the Mona Lisa.  It’s a cheery place to be, particularly on a gray and dreary day like today.

Campus Grounds was host to a handful of students around 10:30 when I was there, as well as a group of faculty meeting.  The students I saw (all female, interestingly enough) were studying at tables on their own.  I didn’t stop to linger on the selection of food and coffees this morning, but from what I saw the options looked good.

On the Quad today are a lot of yellow Thrive leaves with statistics on them about sexual assault, as part of Tie a Yellow Ribbon week.  The yellow was about the only thing brightening up the gray day.

While there is rain projected for today, the good news is at least it is warmer.  Today should reach the mid 60s, and yesterday it was 70 and sunny.  My apologies to all of you who are suffering under tons of snow (I am looking at you, Boston families).

— by Betsy Chapman


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