Misc Tuesday

Here’s some Tuesday miscellany for you, Deac families.

The weather: it is starting to get colder today (low of 34 this morning, high is supposed to be closer to 50), but at least it is sunny.  Tomorrow and Thursday, though, look beastly cold.  If your student does not already have a warm coat packed for his/her return to campus, rethink that decision.  Winter in Winston is always a crazy affair.  We might have bitter cold, or 60s.  It might snow several times, or not at all.  We tend to be on the belt between snow and ice – or as some meterologists call it “Frizzle” (aka freezing drizzle).  Anything can happen.

The campus: is starting to show signs of life.  Upperclass women in sororities are arriving for recruitment.  When I was walking through campus to a meeting, I could see a couple of them already back and jogging in the cold, some parents helping unload cars full of stuff, and piles of belongings on the sidewalks closest to their residence halls.  It will be good to have them back.  Your students will see something new on campus as well: a series of streetlights are being put up along the hill that goes by Poteat field from the University Parkway entrance.  Looks like 6 or 7 are already erected, a couple of more on the ground waiting to be installed.  Pics below.

Parent questions:  we have had a couple of questions of late and given their frequency they probably bear repeating here.  One is about men’s fraternity recruitment and how that works.  That process is a lot less structured than the women’s version.  This description of the process hopefully will be helpful.  The second question has been ‘when is Family Weekend 2015?’  Here is the not-so-short answer to that: it’s complicated.  The long answer is: The date is chosen after the football schedule is released, which is normally in late January, because Family Weekend is typically held during a home football game weekend.  It may take some days or weeks between the release of the football schedule and the selection of the Family Weekend date.  The University needs to research which weekends have adequate hotel space, when the NC Furniture Market is in session, and if there are other holidays or local events to consider.   As soon as that date is chosen, it will be published on the main Parents’ Page.  NOTE: due to television scheduling, we will not know the exact time of the football game until 10 days before Family Weekend.

If you ever have questions, we have a pretty wide-ranging Q&A page.  Please feel free to use that as often as you need it.  And if you have questions that are not answered there, email us at parents@nullwfu.edu and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

light poles 3

light poles one— by Betsy Chapman

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