Dogwood and Magnolia

Last week I got a chance to go on a hardhat tour of the two new upperclass residence halls on the north side of campus.  The structure is completed, but they are doing all the internal work – wiring, tiling, drywall, electrical.  The residence hall was done enough for you to get a good idea of what it might look like when completed, but you still had to use your imagination.

Let me just say, the reality of what these students will be getting in this residence hall is better than I could have imagined.

The building is Georgian in style and brick like everything else here, but the inside has some great modern touches.  Many of the rooms are suite style, so there will be a main entrance door leading into a common living area, with bedrooms (some single, some doubles) radiating out from the center.  These suites have large, large bathrooms.  I was impressed that there is so much tile in the bathrooms, beautiful tan in color.  I believe there are some longer hall-style rooms as well.  There were well appointed kitchen/study rooms, a recycle room, and a nice media room that will have theatre seating and I believe they said a 70 inch HDTV.

Two real “wow” moments for our tour group was the sectional sofas in the suites.  These are leather pieces that you can connect and configure in any number of ways.  Really a cool thing.  The desk chairs that are in each bedroom have a special feature – you can remove the chair seat and it can be placed directly on the ground as a gaming chair (for all our XBox and other gamer folks).  As in the other residence halls, there are microfridges, and I was especially pleased to see that all the closet doors had a towel hanger there so people could hang their wet bath towels.

dorm tour 029One lucky suite is going to have this spectacular view of Wait Chapel.  It is just unreal.

There is some paint already in the common areas and halls, and some of it is vibrant green and turquoise.  It brightens the mood instantly.

There will be Greek lounges in some of the areas, and there are some nice patios with grills built in as well.

Long and short of it – if your student is one of the lucky ones moving in here in August, he or she is going to be in for a very nice living space.  And if you just have a first-year student entering in August, these res halls will be ones to aspire to closer to the junior and senior years.

Many pics below.

dorm tour 040 dorm tour 039 dorm tour 038 dorm tour 037 dorm tour 036 dorm tour 031 dorm tour 032 dorm tour 033 dorm tour 034 dorm tour 035 dorm tour 028 dorm tour 027 dorm tour 026 dorm tour 025 dorm tour 023 dorm tour 022 dorm tour 021 dorm tour 020 dorm tour 019 dorm tour 024

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