Cold, Cold, and More Cold

It has been a very, very brisk couple of days at Wake Forest.  I walked across the Quad this morning and much of the victory toilet paper has been blown out of the trees, because it has been very windy.  We’re still rolled – it’s just the stuff that is higher up and more tangled.

Students appear to be largely staying inside when they can, though every morning you do see the dedicated early morning runners (today I saw one young man in shorts – and he must have been freezing).  There has been some talk on the news about getting some freezing precipitation tomorrow.  Looks like it would start late morning or midday, we’ll have to wait and see.

Today is Bid Day for fraternities so new members will become pledges and they’ll start the process of brotherhood in their new organizations.  Just as on the women’s side, there will likely be some young men who are disappointed at not having received a bid.  In those cases, we want to remind parents that they have many avenues of support open to them, including: talking to their RA, the Counseling Center, a member of the Chaplain’s office, or a trusted faculty or staff mentor.  There are many, many people on campus who would be very happy to help students engage in other areas of campus life and provide some support and suggestions.  If your student falls into one of these categories, see if he is willing to talk to his RA or a member of the Greek Life of Campus Life staff.  And the Parent Programs office is always here as well, and we can help refer students as needed if you email

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