It’s Cold

No other way to say it, parents: it’s cold outside.  Temperatures are in the low 30s and there is a light wind.  For the past two nights, it’s been incredibly windy here, making it feel even colder.

It looks like students had taken all available snow from Saturday and piled it into one big ball to make a giant snowman on the Quad.  There was not enough snow to make a really lovely one, so this big snow ball has some dirt on it from the rolling on the ground.  But you could tell the students were working hard with what was available. 

Finals continue, and every day there are fewer and fewer students here as they complete their finals and head home.  I see a lot of students in sweats and jeans and the everpresent scarves, and more male students skipping shaving for the meantime.  There’s a lot of hugging in parking lots as friends depart for the break.  Students are excited to come home, a little sad to leave their friends, and are tired.  They will sleep well when they arrive back at home with you.

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