Confronting the realities of academics

Class has been in session for a week and a half, and normally this is the time when first year students start assessing how the first few classes have gone. Are they feeling good about their classes? Are they in over their heads on any given class? Are they finding that they really like some subjects, or dislike some others?  Maybe a student thought he was going to be pre-med, but the reality of college chemistry is making him think otherwise.  It’s often a shock to the system for students to be in a class that they thought they knew well, and now they are discovering the material is harder than they expected.

At this time of year, academic advisers usually field more questions about the availability of tutors. Sometimes its hard for students, particularly first years, to talk to their professors or ask for help. But it is universally better to get help early if needed.  Parents, here is what you need to know about tutoring on campus, in case your students ask:

  • There are tutors available through the Learning Assistance Center.
  • To get started, students need to physically go to the Learning Assistance Center (117 Reynolda Hall) to fill out some forms about their tutoring needs. 
  • In addition to getting a tutor, students can also ask at the LAC about whether there are study groups available (where they can pair up with some other folks in the same class).
  • The tutors they hire all have to have at least a 3.0 GPA overall, have made an A or B in the class they are tutoring, and they have to have a strong recommendation from their professor. 

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