September 2016: Social Wellbeing


Each month, Thrive highlights a different dimension of wellbeing through interactive workshops and fun programs. This September, the Office of Wellbeing is focusing on Social Wellbeing. Social wellbeing can encompass many different things, including improving relationships with those closest to you, as well as interacting with those who come from different backgrounds. Cultivating satisfying social wellbeing can help to maintain and improve happiness. We hope you encourage your student to attend our workshops and community programs this month to learn more about themselves and how to Thrive!

Thriving for Families 

Figuring out where you fit in on campus can be both a challenge and a rewarding experience. Many students feel confused about where to go first, but you can help them using these 5 tips for getting involved in college. Encourage your student to get involved, but realize that the process takes time. Finding their niche can make your student’s time at Wake Forest a much more enjoyable and productive experience! Be sure that your student is aware of The Link platform to find out about current events on campus, as well as organizations they can get involved with.

Activities this Month:

Arrive and Thrive – Event – September 22nd

Come out and join our annual community celebration that celebrates our eight dimensions of wellbeing through interactive experiences and informative booths on the quad. We will be partnering with various offices on campus to promote the journey to wellbeing with food, activities, and tips to become your best self. This event will take place on the lower quad on September 22, 4-6pm! Check out our video from last year’s event!

Words with Friends: Learning to Communicate Across Difference – Workshop – September 28

College is an exciting time to meet and interact with people different from yourself, as well as learn more about yourself. Through this workshop, we will explore our own cultural communication styles, as well as how to interact with those who may have a different style from your own. Encourage your student to come with an open mind and be willing to listen, as well as have fun and learn something new! The workshop will take place on September 28 at 6 pm in Benson 410.

P.E.E.R.S – Peers Educating, Engaging, Reaching, and Supporting 

Is your student interested in receiving training and becoming nationally certified to conduct educational and outreach programs in several areas of wellbeing? Through the WFU Certified Peer Educator Program, students can become advocates and leaders in four priority areas: Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention, Mental Health, Nutrition and Mindful Eating, and Invisible Disability Awareness. Applications are due August 26th.