October 2016: Emotional Wellbeing

Each month, Thrive highlights a different dimension of wellbeing through interactive workshops and fun programs. This October, the Office of Wellbeing is focusing on Emotional Wellbeing. We have Emotional Wellbeing when we know our pressure points and how to adapt to them. We can handle life’s ups and downs because we accept that they can happen and because we can often make pre-emptive strikes against them by knowing whom and when to ask for help. We hope you encourage your student to attend our workshops and programs this month to learn more about how to cultivate emotional wellbeing!

Thriving for Families
Helping your student to succeed emotionally can be difficult when they are away at Wake Forest. Taking care of our emotions often gets put last amidst school, friends, and extracurricular activities, but you can share these tips on how to help your student stay on top of their emotional wellbeing during college. Also, as a family you can look out for these signs on stress in your student to make sure they are healthy and thriving at Wake Forest! Let your student know there are resources on campus they can access:

University Counseling Center (336) 758-5273
Student Health Service (336) 758-5218
Safe Office at (336) 758-5285
Chaplin’s Office at (336) 758-5210

Activities this Month:

Emotional Wellbeing Week – October 10th- 14th from 12 – 2 pm
Come out and get a free mental health screening, along with a  treat! There will also be fun activities each day for all to participate in! Activities include:

Monday, October 10: “One Screen for Ice Cream” – Get a brief mental health screening for a cup of ice cream!

Tuesday, October 11: “Physical Distress” – Inflatable fun and enjoy a sweet or buttery popcorn treat!

Wednesday, October 12: “Art Therapy” – Create an original art masterpiece and have a cup of ice cream!

Thursday, October 13:  “Comfort Friends” – Come pet small farm animals and enjoy a sweet or buttery popcorn treat!

Friday, October 14: “Pulse Pause” – Chair massage and ice cream!

Sponsored by the University Counseling Center and the Office of Wellbeing

Serenity Toolbox: Learn to build your personal space of peace and reflection – October 12 from 12 – 1 pm
Learn how to promote your own emotional well being through intentional placement of objects that give purpose to ordinary spaces. This class provides a basic understanding of how you can use natural elements; techniques of Feng shui and soundscapes to create your own personal island of peace.

Bystander Training for First Years
The Office of Wellbeing adapted a nationally recognized bystander intervention training curriculum for use at Wake Forest University.   The training was designed to develop a culture of safe intervention by: 1) raising awareness of helping behaviors, 2) increasing motivation to help, 3) developing skills and confidence when responding to problems or concerns, and 4) ensuring the safety and wellbeing of oneself and others. Each session will focus on one of three different areas: mental health, alcohol and other drugs, and sexual assault. The workshops will take place between October 8th and October 19th for first year students.