November 2016: Intellectual Wellbeing


This November, the Office of Wellbeing is focusing on Intellectual Wellbeing, or viewing learning as an end unto itself rather than simply a means to a specific personal or professional outcome. We know your student is at school to become academically successful, but it is also important for them to cultivate a true passion for learning. Wake Forest offers a variety of workshops, speakers, and panels that help to engage students beyond the classroom. Learning about topics beyond one area is at the heart of the liberal arts education! This upcoming month, tell your student to attend one academic event that is outside of their knowledge-base, and ask them about it!

Thriving for Families

Amidst the thoughts of upcoming exams, end of the semester projects, and the holidays, it can be hard for students to concentrate on one thing at a time. Students may feel that length of time spent pouring over books equates to better learning, but it may not always be the most effective technique. Share these tips with your students about how to study smarter, not harder to ease stress and help them achieve the best outcomes!