February 2017: Spiritual Wellbeing

This month, the Office of Wellbeing is focusing on Spiritual Wellbeing. It can be achieved when our core values and beliefs tie us to a sense of something larger than ourselves and empower us to act according to those beliefs. Spiritual wellbeing can be practiced in many different ways, and Wake Forest is committed to allowing all members of our community to have an open and thriving spiritual life. This approach may help explain why the undergraduate community includes members of 21 distinct faith traditions and the School of Divinity’s study body claims 26. There are many resources on campus to help your student develop or continue their spiritual practice if they wish. The Office of the Chaplain seeks to support a wide variety of beliefs through a multifaith chaplaincy on campus. Your student can talk to the staff in the Chaplain’s office, or attend any of the wonderful events they put on at Wake Forest to help the community members grow individually and collectively.

Talking Across Beliefs

In an increasingly polarized society, people can often get drawn into talking to people who think exactly like them. As an academic institution, Wake Forest prides itself on the ability of our students to engage in meaningful dialogue across difference. This past month, the Office of Wellbeing and the Office of the Chaplain, along with the Department of Religion and Dance put on a Food and Faith event, where students were able to talk about their own personal spiritual beliefs. Having interfaith dialogues leads to higher cooperation and understanding amongst students. This article highlights some of the many benefits to talking across faith backgrounds. There are many resources out there to help your student facilitate these dialogues, such as the Interfaith Youth Core, which empowers young people to work across faith backgrounds. Talk to your student about the importance of getting to know people of other faiths and building strong relationships at Wake Forest!

Check out our other upcoming February Thrive Events:

Sleepin’ Deacon Challenge – February 6th – 24th.  The Sleepin’ Deacon Challenge has officially been launched! Sleep has been shown to be one the most important health practices, but with school work and extracurricular activities it can be hard for your student to make it a priority. Our Week of Sleep, which took place February 6-10, was a huge success, featuring 4 outstanding workshops and our orientation to the Sleep Challenge! Although the week is over, encourage your student to follow the hashtag #WFUSleepinDeacon and check out our website to learn awesome sleep tips!

Move More! Move Often! This month, our Move More! Move Often! Campaign will be taking place at Wake Forest! Move More! Move Often! is an 8-week program based on a step challenge to encourage individuals to increase their daily physical activity. Although registration is closed, your student can still benefit by getting out and getting active with others in the community! More information about Move More! Move Often! can be found HERE.