Dimension of the Month: Intellectual Wellbeing

November 2015

Month of Intellectual Wellbeing

For November, as part of the Thrive campaign, the Office of Wellbeing is highlighting Intellectual Wellbeing. We understand that Wake Forest is an educational journey for your student, but the learning does not stop in the classroom. As parents, we encourage you to support your students to explore new  hobbies and interests. Studies show that many different hobbies and activities offer clear benefits for our mental abilities by enhancing problem solving skills and relieving stress. Many of these activities also serve as great ways to spend fun quality time with your student and interact with them in new ways.  Creativity and innovation are key principles here at Wake Forest. We encourage our students to reach beyond their comfort zone in the hopes of experiencing new ways of thinking that will foster both their personal and professional growth.  As your students are selecting courses for their next semester, encourage them to take an elective class in something totally different from their major. There’s no limit to what they could find out about themselves when they try something new.

Activities this Month:

Encourage your student to join us for Sources, Citations & Cocoa – Community Program – 2-6pm November 16th | 2-6pm November 23rd | 2-6pm November 30th in ZSR Library

We are partnering with the ZSR Library to bring students drop-in research sessions to help them with every aspect of their research project – from selecting a topic, to finding resources, to setting up ZOtero, or citing tricky sources. In addition, our friends from the Bridge will be on hand to assist with any computer or information technology issues. Hot cocoa, tea, cider, and snacks and fun brain-stimulating activities will be provided! No appointment is needed — just drop in! If those times don’t work for your student, just submit a Personal Research Session Request and the ZSR representatives will find another time to meet with them!

Bystander Intervention Training Sessions

Who is the greatest resource for reducing harm on a college campus? College Students! 83% of Wake Students believe they are responsible for the wellbeing of one of their fellow Deacs.  As a part of this year’s extended-orientation experience, the Office of Academic Advising, the Office of Wellbeing, Safe Office, and the Title IX Office are providing required bystander intervention training to all first year students. This 2-hour training provides the necessary tools to  help keep members of our community from serious harm. The 2-hour sessions allow students to choose a focus area of mental health, alcohol, or sexual assault. Within the sessions, students will learn how to: 1) raise awareness of helping behaviors, 2) increase motivation to help, 3) develop skills and confidence when responding to problems or concerns, and 4) ensure the safety and wellbeing of self and others.These training sessions are important as we continue to build and promote a community of responsible leaders. Remind your student to sign up today!