December 2016: Occupational Wellbeing

This month, the Office of Wellbeing is focusing on Occupational Wellbeing. Having wellbeing while pursuing your life’s work is more than just a balancing act, it is about cultivating passion and purpose for what you do. No matter what your vocation, it is important to know that your work is making a difference and you are valued.

Even though your students are at school, it is important for them to start learning how to cultivate occupational wellbeing now. This could manifest as taking time to learn their work environment preference, or understanding their emotional intelligence. Whatever your students are thinking about pursuing during their work experiences in school and after Wake Forest, understanding how to create wellbeing at work is a critical component to their education.

At any point in your students’ Wake Forest journey, you can support them as they make decisions about what comes after graduation. These 8 tips can help you navigate how to give support, while also letting your students make decisions for themselves. Another great resource at Wake Forest is our Office of Personal and Career Development. Encourage your students to make an appointment with one of our fabulous career coaches to get one on one help with finding the best fit for them. Also, check out their website for helpful tips, tricks, and information about upcoming career opportunities.

Welcoming your Student Home: What to Expect

The holidays mean food, family, and the excitement of welcoming your students home for a long break. Although students have only been away for a semester, a lot may have changed in a short amount of time. Understanding how to give your students independence – while also trying to spend time with them – can be a tough balance, but this advice can help make it easier on you and your family.

Using some of these coping mechanisms can also be helpful for families and students to build a strong relationship during the time they are back home. Students will appreciate the support, and you will get to know them as the wonderful Demon Deacons they have become!