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On Resilience

Since it is the start of a new semester, this seems like an appropriate time to put a plug in for the notion of building resilience.  Your students are building their academic skills during ...

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A Reflection Technique that Might be Useful

Frequently in the Daily Deac I pre-post content to be published later that day or that week. Today I had planned to have the info below go. In the interim, there was a crime off campus. Students ...

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Great Washington Post Article on What Professors Don't Want

I am out on PTO until Move-In Day this Friday, so I am pre-posting a few articles in my absence.

Brief aside and explanation: when I know I am going to be on vacaction, I frequently schedule ...

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Dates for OPCD Career Fairs, Networking Events, and More

Today’s Daily Deac features information from the Office of Personal and Career Development (OPCD).  This could be worth passing on to your Deacs for their calendars.

— by Betsy Chapman
for ...

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Health Insurance Deadline and the Importance of Students Checking their WFU Emails

Today I have an important message about the Student Health Insurance requirement.  Wake Forest students are required to have health insurance so they will be able to get care here if they need ...

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