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ZSR Did You Know?

UPDATED TO ADD: For parents and families of incoming first year students (P’22): the Orientation (aka New Deac Week) schedule is LIVE! Visit

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The hidden nooks and crannies of ZSR

Wandered down to the ZSR Library midday with my hopeful Class of ’27 Deac, who wanted to wander around to every floor and examine every nook and cranny. We stumbled upon a couple of little-known ...

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Human Library

As unlikely as this is, it is snowing this morning. I have lived in North Carolina basically since I started school at Wake in the late 80s, and I am not sure I’ve ever seen it snow in March. ...

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FDOC - First Day of Classes

I spent some time in the both the ZSR Starbucks and the North Campus Starbucks this morning (I had meetings in both buildings).  And today is FDOC – the First Day of Classes. So it feels like ...

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Hot tip: Zotero

It’s a HOT one here in W-S.  Close to 90 today and plenty humid. So today I thought I’d offer a hot tip for your Deacs.  It’s called Zotero.

Zotero is an online tool that helps students with ...

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