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Powerful email and video

A couple of weeks ago, I got a message from a Deac mom that was so powerful, I wanted to be able to share it. Said Deac mom gave her permission. Here goes:

You probably realize this even more ...

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Happy Homecoming

As I write this (midday), it is absolutely beautiful outisde (at least to me). It is gray and overcast, a little breezy, and the leaves are in their full glory. Was driving on Reynolda Road ...

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Mystery Scrabble

It’s Thursday – the home stretch for the week. And it is a lovely day today – cool in the morning, but sunny. It was cold enough to need a jacket, but if you stay outside long enough you can shed ...

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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

As is often my practice, let’s begin by talking about the weather. It has been a warm week – mid to high 80s – and sunny.  We are starting to see leaves turn brown and fall off the trees, so the ...

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Transitional Time of Year

We’ve come to that transitional time of year when in the morning it is cool enough to need long sleeves or a light jacket, but if the sun is out, by midafternoon it might be in the 70s and ...

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