The Great Outdoors

We are still experiencing unbelievably good weather.  I was at Shorty’s for lunch today and there were students outside everywhere – all the tables on the Benson patio seemed to be filled with students with the 3 S’s: short sleeves, sunglasses, and smiles.

Not only were the tables and benches full of students soaking up the sun, but the grassy areas were being used as well.  Some places had students reading books, others playing games.  I walked by some students playing some game on the Quad – might have been frisbee – and I overheard “I just dislocated a kidney” – guess I missed him making an unbelievable diving catch or something.

Snap from the Quad Cam on 2 23 17.This snap of the Quad Cam came a while after I got back, so it was not that same group of students I don’t think.  Just in front of the mid-Quad walkway, you can see a big white-ish blob.  That is a couple of people on a blanket too – it’s the perfect day for it.

Pretty sure that the remnants of toilet paper in the Quad trees were from a roll after our win lastnight over Pitt in Men’s Basketball.  Wake came back from a 19 point deficit to win.  That’s tough to do in the ACC and is worthy of celebrating.  You can read more about the game here.



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