The Pit

The Pit has been the nickname for the Reynolda Hall cafeteria for as long as I have known it. While my colleagues in Campus Dining would like us to call it The Fresh Food Company, it will always be The Pit to me. Read more

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Registration for new students was held yesterday and today. First year students could select up to half their classes on Monday, and the 2nd half today. Their registration times are assigned at random, and if you got an early time on Monday, you had a later time on Tuesday. This is done for reasons of fairness, so that the lucky students who register first can’t get all their “A list” classes and those with late times have worse luck. Read more

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The Andes of Ecuador

Orientation is meant to be a time of bonding with the new students, and there are many planned activities to help them get to know each other, particularly within their advising groups. On Sunday, all new students were asked to participate in a visit to Reynolda House, Museum of American Art, which houses Frederic Church’s painting “The Andes of Ecuador.” Read more

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Academic Advising

Every new student at Wake Forest is issued an academic adviser to help them learn how to navigate course requirements and understand how to proceed with course selection for the first two years before they declare a major.  Normally academic advisers are faculty members, but sometimes they are Wake Forest staff members; often the staff academic advisers are also Wake Forest alumni.  New students also have a Student Orientation Adviser (SOO), an upperclass peer. Advising groups of 10 first year students, the academic adviser, and the Student Orientation Adviser do a lot of activities together the first few days on campus. Read more

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Move in Day

The Class of 2014 moved in to their residence halls today. Although the weather was not particularly cooperative – ranging from threat of rain, to drizzle, to a pretty steady rain – both the students and their parents were in good spirits. Read more

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