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Memorial Service for Andrew Pillow

A memorial service for Andrew Pillow, a sophomore who died on campus yesterday, will be held on Saturday, Nov. 23, at 11 a.m. at Trinity Hills Baptist Church in Benbrook, Texas. Visitation will take place on Friday, Nov. 22.

The Office of the Chaplain is discussing a possible service of remembrance with Andrew’s family. If a service is scheduled, students, faculty and staff will be notified by email.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

Andrew Pillow

Dear Wake Forest Community,

I am saddened to inform you that Andrew Pillow, a sophomore, died this morning on campus.

We extend our condolences to his family and fellow students, as well as faculty and staff who knew him. His passing is a loss for the entire Wake Forest community. May Andrew’s family and friends find comfort and support as they grieve his loss and remember his life.

The University will share information on services arranged by Andrew’s family when that information is available. Tonight there will be a gathering for friends at 7:30 p.m. in Benson 410.

Each of us is affected by loss in different ways. Wake Forest offers support and counseling services for all students, faculty and staff. The Counseling Center (118 Reynolda Hall) may be reached at 758-5273 and the Office of the Chaplain (22 Reynolda Hall) may be contacted at 758-5210. For faculty and staff, there is also the Employee Assistance Program at 716-5493. Please do not hesitate to seek support.


Nathan O. Hatch

Student Health Insurance Program Information

The Student Affairs Office shared the following information about Student Health Insurance.


Current Student Election Change and New Student Enrollment/Waiver Period

Current Students

If you wish to continue your current insurance election (enrollment or waiver) for spring and summer 2014, you do not need to complete a form. Your insurance automatically continues for the remainder of the benefit year if you are an eligible student. The benefit year is August 1, 2013 – July 31, 2014. You will ONLY complete a form if you are making a change.

Want to make a change? If you elected to waive for the fall term but want to enroll for the spring/summer term or elected to enroll for the fall but want to waive for the spring/summer term, select the link below to complete the insurance election change request form. The form must be submitted by January 15, 2014. Late forms will not be accepted.

Spring 2014 Insurance Election Change Form


New Students

Click here starting November 1 to enroll in the Student Blue health insurance or waive coverage if your current health insurance meets the minimum criteria set by WFU. You will be automatically enrolled in the Student Blue insurance plan offered by WFU if you do not complete a waiver by January 15, 2014.

If your current insurance plan offers comparable coverage to Student Blue and meets the criteria below, you may waive the plan offered by WFU (within given deadlines).

1) Have a lifetime maximum benefit of at least $1,000,000. Plans with per incident, per illness or maximums that are less than the lifetime maximum are not acceptable
2) Provide access to health care providers in the Winston-Salem, NC area for emergency and non-emergency conditions, including mental health care. If you have an HMO and Winston-Salem, NC is out-of-network, your coverage doesn’t meet our criteria. If your HMO offers guest privileges, you must contact your insurer to receive guest privileges and do so prior to waiving coverage
3) Provide prescription drug benefits
4) Remain in effect while enrolled at WFU

International students with F or J visas will not have the option to waive from Student Blue unless they are covered with a plan with comparable benefits and it is reviewed and approved by the University based on the criteria above. Additionally, the plan must be provided by a company licensed to do business in the U.S. with (a) a U.S. claim payment office, (b) a U.S. telephone number, and (c) plan literature available in English.

To have your plan reviewed, email your policy to If you are considering purchasing insurance in lieu of Student Blue, please contact the Student Insurance Program in advance to ensure the plan is acceptable.


Registration Information

Students are going through Round 2 of Spring 2014 course registration this week.  Here are a few sites families should direct their student to if the student has questions:

The Registrar’s main web site has information about the registration schedule.

There is a subpage entitled Registration (also from the Registrar’s web site) with more detailed instructions.

If your student needs to reach a member of the Registrar’s office during registration, look about 1/2 down the Registration website for Gmail chat instructions.  That is how students can talk to a staff member during registration.

At the bottom of the Registration site there is information about Registration Errors and Waitlist information.

University Police Recommendations for Thanksgiving Break

University Police is sharing the following information for students who are living off campus to help them prepare for the Thanksgiving break.


During Thanksgiving Break, the student off-campus housing historically sees a rise in burglary.  University Police is offering a service to help minimize your risk of losses.  The service consists of the following:

  • Record the model and serial number of your valuables, which you do not intend to remove from the house during the Thanksgiving Break and record them with University Police.
  • Take any and all portable valuables with you when you leave for the break.
  • Make an appointment with a University Police detective to walk through your house with you and assist you in finding serial numbers on your valuables.  They may be reached at
  • E-mail University Police at and let us know the dates your house will be unoccupied during the break so that we can check the doors and windows regularly in your absence.

Working together, we can reduce the impact of holiday crime.

Happy Holidays from your University Police!


If you are burglarized:

  • Do not enter your house if you return home and find signs that a burglary is taking place or has taken place. Go to a safe place immediately, such as a neighbor’s home, and call the police.
  • If you enter your home and find evidence of a burglary, call the police immediately. Do not touch anything or move anything around. Give the police a chance to gather evidence that may have been left.
  • Try to determine what has been taken and prepare a list of stolen items (with serial numbers if possible) to assist police in their investigation.

Electronic Tax Form 1098-T

Student Financial Services has shared the following announcement with families about Electronic Tax Form 1098-T.


Wake Forest University is pleased to offer tax form 1098-T in electronic format via WIN. This new feature will provide students with a fast, convenient and secure way to access their tax form and also allow them to view prior year(s) 1098-T tax forms.

In order for the student to view the form electronically, they must grant consent via WIN by completing the below three easy steps. This consent is only available via the student WIN login. After consent is granted by the student, all future and past 1098-T forms will be available to view via the student WIN login until they separate from the University.

Step 1: Log into WIN and navigate to the “Personal” tab

Step 2: Click on the “1098-T Electronic Consent” Link

Step 3: Read the consent and click the checkbox and press the “Submit” button.

Congratulations, you can now view all your 1098-T tax forms electronically.

Electronic 1098-T Forms for tax year 2013 will be available to view via WIN by mid-January 2014 by students who grant consent.

If a student does not grant consent via WIN, then their 2013 1098-T tax form will be mailed by January 31, 2014 to their address on file with the Registrar’s office.

Advantages to viewing the1098-T electronically are quicker access to see the tax form and the ability to access prior year’s forms.  If the student does not provide consent, Wake Forest University is required to mail them the 2013 1098-T form to the address on file with the Registrar’s Office but we are encouraging all students to take advantage of the new electronic access.

If you have further questions, please contact Student Financial Services at 336-758-5234 or email and we will be happy to assist you.


Wake Forest Student Financial Services

Temporary Closing of Reynolda Road Campus Entrance

Communications and External Relations just announced a change to its previous notice about the Reynolda Road closing.


The City of Winston-Salem announced Nov. 6 that it is rescheduling the planned repaving project at the Reynolda Road entrance to Wake Forest.   Repaving will not take place on the previously announced dates of Nov. 7 and 8.  Campus access will remain as usual on those days.

The city expects the repaving to take place next week.  On Monday, Wake Forest will announce an update for the city’s repaving plans to students, faculty and staff in an e-mail.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

Important Change in Registration

The Office of the Registrar has emailed undergraduate students about a delay in registration.  Students should check their WFU email account for the message; it is also reproduced below.



Round One Registration for each undergraduate class is being delayed by one full day.  The new Round ONE registration days are as follows:

Seniors – Tuesday

Juniors – Wednesday

Sophomores – Thursday

Freshmen – Friday

This change is necessary because a program that assigns registration limits for Round One failed to run properly today.  Hence, we are not able to limit a student to 8 hours or 4 additional hours for those who participated in Major/Minor Registration.  We cannot open registration without these limits in place.

We have attempted to correct this problem today, but it appears we will be unable to do so before the beginning of registration start times tonight at 5:00 p.m.   Hence, we have decided to move all registration start time for Round One by one day, while we continue to work to fix the problem. 

To be clear and as an example, if you are a junior and your Round One registration time was Tuesday at 7:50 pm, your new registration time will be Wednesday at 7:50 pm.  Your registration time will be at the same time, but one day later.   Because we are working to fix this registration limits problem, we cannot consider any changes in registration times from those already assigned.

We anticipate that Round Two registration times will be as originally scheduled Monday – Thursday.

I greatly regret this problem caused by this program failure.   I will be in contact in this same way if there are other developments affecting registration times.


Harold L. Pace
Assistant Provost & University Registrar

Before Registration Begins, Check Account for Holds

Registration for spring 2014 classes will begin this week.  Parents and family members are urged to remind their students to check their account for holds that would prevent them from being able to register.

This email went out about two weeks ago to students who had holds on their accounts.  Here are a couple of important points from that email:

“The outstanding balance needs to be resolved in order for the registration hold to be removed. All other holds must be resolved with the office that has placed the hold on your account. You can view all holds on your account via WIN.

For your convenience, you can view and pay your outstanding balance via DEAC  Payments can either be made in person at the Cashier’s window (REY 107), through DEAC or by mail. Student Financial Services is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday-Friday. Credit & debit cards are not accepted.”

Please urge your students to check for holds, or if you have been granted third-party access to DEAC, you can check it yourself.  Because registration takes place after business hours (at the request of Student Government, who did not want registration to interfere with classes), if a student does not discover a hold until he/she tries to register, he/she will be prohibited from registering until the hold can be removed the next morning when administrative offices open.

Students (and parents/families) would be wise to check their student’s account several days before and the day of registration so that they can be certain their accounts are in order and they will be able to register on time.


Farrell Hall Grand Opening

Communications and External Relations sent the following message to the campus community this morning.


The following message is sent on behalf of Steve Reinemund, Dean of the School of Business:

Please join us as we dedicate and celebrate the official Grand Opening of Farrell Hall, this Friday, November 1.

The opening of Farrell Hall unifies our undergraduate and graduate business programs under one roof with one vision. Our generous donors intended for Farrell Hall to be a welcoming place and a valuable resource for the entire campus community. We hope you’ll join us for a day of camaraderie and celebration.

Schedule (click for details):

11 a.m.– noon: Dedication of Farrell Hall
(Outside Farrell Hall front entrance closest to Wait Chapel)

Noon–2 p.m.: Campus & Community Open House

2–4 p.m.: Keynote Broadcast
(Broyhill Auditorium)
Moderator: Al Hunt (’65, D.Litt. ’91), columnist for Bloomberg View and host of “Political Capital”
with Special Guests & Alumni Panel:

“The Noble Profession of Business”

  • Charlie Ergen (MBA ’76), Co-Founder & Chairman, DISH Network Corporation and EchoStar Corporation
  • David Farr (’77, P’07), Chairman and CEO, Emerson
  • Eric Wiseman (’77, MBA ’88, P ’07), Chairman, President and CEO, VF Corporation


“The Legacy of Mike Farrell (P’10, LLD ’13)
Mary Farrell (P’10), University Trustee
Wellington Denahan, Chairman and CEO, Annaly Capital Management, Inc.