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Update to Campus Security Alert

This message is a follow up to last night’s message (April 29) regarding a potential threat to two specific students by a family member.  The University Police Department in conjunction with local law enforcement has located the family member, who has since been placed in the care of medical professionals at a local hospital.

No immediate threat to members of the campus community is perceived by University officials, but the University Police Department is taking precautions.

University Police will continue to monitor the situation.

Gatehouse operations have returned to normal.

As always, University Police asks that you report any suspicious activity immediately by calling 336-758-5911.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations will communicate further to the campus community about this situation if conditions warrant it.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

First Destination Data for Graduating Seniors

The Office of Personal and Career Development asked that the following information be shared with parents and family members of graduating seniors.


It’s no surprise that our students find themselves in a wide and diverse range of functions and industries following graduation. In fact, 98 % of the Class of 2013 was employed or attending graduate or professional school six months after graduation*.

The time is near for us to bid farewell to another crop of excellent seniors, and the Office of Personal and Career Development recently announced First Destination data collection for the Class of 2014. The First Destination form provides an opportunity for seniors to share where they will go and what they will do immediately following graduation and is valuable information for the university. It takes less than one minute to complete and can be found here on the OPCD website.  Please encourage your senior student to complete the form.

For those with seniors still seeking a job or admission into graduate school, it’s not too late. OPCD career coaches are available to help review resumes and LinkedIn profiles, provide networking and search tips, and offer mock interviews and professional development resources.

Seniors students still seeking might also consider the Wake Forest Connects, a large-scale networking event that gives students and recent alums (class of 2014) the opportunity to engage prominent alumni from various industries and job functions. The next Wake Forest Connects event is scheduled for June 5 in Washington DC at 6:00 p.m. For more information visit the Career Connects webpage.

*Calculated from a 77% response rate

Campus Security Alert

The University Police Department tonight, April 29, is taking precautionary steps on campus in response to a potential threat by a family member against two specific students who live on campus.  Both students are safe.

After learning of the potential threat, the University Police Department closed the Polo Road gate and initiated early staffing by security officers of the Reynolda Road and University Parkway gatehouses.

No immediate threat to members of the campus community is perceived by University officials, but the University Police Department is taking precautions.

University police recommend not allowing anyone to enter locked campus buildings without a Wake Forest ID card.

As always, University Police ask that you report any suspicious activity immediately by calling 336-758-5911.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations will communicate further to the campus community about this situation if conditions warrant it.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

Stay Alert to Weather Reports This Week

The following message was just sent to the campus community about local weather.


Due to the potential for severe storms today and Wednesday, the University recommends that students, faculty and staff stay alert to weather reports available through several means–including area TV and radio stations and their web sites.

The University will activate the Wake Alert system if weather conditions require action or impact campus operations. The Wake Alert website – -  is your best official source of emergency information.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

WFU Well-being Research Featured in Inside Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed is featuring a story on Wake Forest’s efforts to measure well-being:

“Wake Forest University is looking to find a new way to measure the “well-being” of its students and alumni.

The university’s administration and a few faculty members have been working on a longitudinal survey that is designed to determine whether the college is helping its students find meaning and purpose in their lives, though questions are also likely to include more practical matters, such as post-collegiate pay.

The survey, which is perhaps a year or more away from widespread deployment at the private university in North Carolina, is a new entrant into a small but potentially growing field of measurements designed to find out more about students.

The measurement attempts to contrast with those being explored by the federal government, which would measure completion, salaries after graduation, recruitment of low-income students and more, as well as with other efforts to quantify college competitiveness and campus life by the likes of U.S News & World Report and the Princeton Review.”

Read more:
Inside Higher Ed

University Police Reminder: Identity Theft

University Police is offering the following recommendations for students regarding identity theft.


We all want to protect our identity. We should always be cautious about giving information online about who we are including addresses and phone numbers. This includes email that redirects us to websites that “Look” real. Here are some other tips:

  • When getting medication at your local drug stores, it has become the practice for the store to ask you for your name and address. Speak quietly and/or lean over to the clerk if possible so you are not overheard.
  • When buying groceries and using your ATM card, sometimes you are asked if you would like additional cash back. Say Yes. This keeps you from going to the ATM by yourself. One less stop = one less risk.
  • Do not reserve your table at a restaurant or fast food place by leaving your purse or book bag at the table.
  • Always lock your car. Often there are items in the car that reveal your identity.
  • If traveling overseas, take some local currency with you. Have a support system back home that has all your credit card numbers and the phone numbers to call if those cards are lost or stolen. Call right away if they are missing.
  • Enroll in a credit monitoring service.
  • Always check your credit card invoices to ensure the charges are correct.
  • Shred your mail prior to putting it in the garbage.
  • Do not leave bills lying in plain view when you have others in your room or apartment. Bills should be stored in someplace out of sight/protected until paid.
  • Do not respond to phone calls from people you do not know who request your information.
  • When traveling overseas, use your credit cards or cash if possible. Do not use your ATM card connected to your checking account.

Helping Your Student Through Exams

The Office of Academic Advising has offered suggestions on how parents and families can help their students during Final Exams.


Final exams at Wake Forest University will take place from May 2nd, 2014 to May 8th, 2014. In late April, students will begin preparation for final exams. During this time of preparation and the final exam period, students may find themselves extremely busy and in some cases overwhelmed or stressed.  Although as a parent or family member you may not physically be there to help, it is important that your college student has your support and encouragement.

Here are some ways that you can help:

  • Send words of encouragement. Send a letter, email, card or e-card that lets your student know that you are proud of all of his or her hard work.  Focus on your student’s effort rather than on the grade. If a student is putting forth reasonable effort, it can be especially unhelpful — even backfire — to pressure him or her to get a specific grade or achieve a specific GPA.
  • Encourage your student to take advantage of all of the resources on campus. If your student is feeling stressed or overwhelmed, he or she can visit places like the Learning Assistance Center, the Office of Academic Advising, and the University Counseling Center.
  • Check with your student’s exam schedule, before you make arrangements for travel home. It is often very difficult for students to make special arrangements to take an exam at an alternate time, and professors are not required to accommodate personal travel requests. Having to make special arrangements may cause additional stress for your student.
  • Send your student a care package. A small, simple package with your student’s favorite snacks or study supplies is another way to show you are thinking of him or her and to show your support.

Unsettled Weather

Due to unsettled weather conditions in the Winston-Salem area today (Friday), the University recommends that students, faculty and staff stay alert to weather reports available through several means–including area TV and radio stations and their web sites.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

Special Olympics April 23-25 On Campus

Hosted by Wake Forest’s Department of Athletics, the Special Olympics will be held this week on campus for three days.

During these three days, athletes will arrive in large numbers in buses and traffic on campus will be heavy.  Although no roads will be closed, police officers will be directing traffic and pedestrians in front of Reynolds Gymnasium and Manchester Athletic Center. Parking Lot L will be closed to accommodate the loading/unloading of participants for this event.

The event will take place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on April 23-25 in Kentner Stadium.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

Dean Jacque Fetrow to Become Provost at the University of Richmond

President Hatch sent the following email to the campus community earlier this week.


Dear Wake Forest Students, Faculty and Staff,

After more than a decade of exemplary service to Wake Forest University, including more than five years as Dean of the College, Jacque Fetrow will become Provost at the University of Richmond on July 1.

Dean Fetrow’s leadership has provided a much-valued steady hand at the helm during turbulent times for a liberal arts education nationally. As Dean since 2009, her tenure has been marked by a strong reaffirmation of the College’s signature tradition of close student-faculty engagement, with support for the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (URECA) Center, development of the Office of Academic Advising, and fundraising to support initiatives led by the Associate Dean for Student-Faculty Academic Initiatives. Her support for our teacher-scholar model has been integral in U.S. News & World Report’s 11th place ranking for “Best Undergraduate Teaching” this year, as well as our highest-ever ranking among national universities at 23rd.

Dean Fetrow has been a central figure in Wake Will fundraising, helping to secure over $180 million in gifts and pledges for student scholarships and financial aid, faculty and departmental support including facilities improvements, and strategic initiatives. She also made great strides in aligning the College’s financial and budgeting processes with evolving University systems, and extensively reorganized the structure and management of the Dean’s Office and College more broadly.

We are immensely grateful for Dean Fetrow’s leadership, which has included development of a strong team in the College Dean’s office. Senior Associate Deans Rebecca Thomas and Randy Rogan, along with Associate Deans Anne Boyle, Christy Buchanan, David Levy, and José Villalba, will continue to work with Dean Fetrow in leading the College’s regular operations. A search advisory committee will soon be named to begin the process of choosing a successor as Dean of the College.


Nathan O. Hatch