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A Message from President Hatch

The following message from President Hatch was sent to the campus community this afternoon.


Dear Wake Forest Faculty, Staff, and Students, 

As you may be aware from local news reports, Wake Forest Athletics and the City of Winston-Salem have been discussing the possible sale of Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum for several years.  Pending the approval of the City Council and subsequent successful negotiations, we will develop plans to acquire the Coliseum and surrounding 33 acres of property. 

Due to budget constraints, the City is not in a position to make much-needed improvements to the Coliseum’s outdated systems. The University’s purchase of the Coliseum would ensure a suitable home venue for our student-athletes and fans, a viable option for student events and ceremonies, and a vital public assembly space for the community. 

Our potential investment in the Coliseum will not detract from academic programs or student initiatives. Funding to acquire and make necessary maintenance improvements to the Coliseum will come entirely from revenues of Wake Forest Athletics. 

Since its construction in 1989, the Coliseum has been an important venue for the University. This potential acquisition represents an opportunity for the University to consider events and programming for the entire campus community that were not previously feasible. 

We will keep you informed and engage in further discussions as plans progress. 


Nathan O. Hatch