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A Message from President Hatch

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Welcome to a new semester at Wake Forest. Whether you are embarking on your first experience on campus or you’re a familiar face on these grounds, we all approach this beginning with anticipation and uncovered potential. Together, we have the capacity to pursue new intellectual discoveries, create extraordinary relationships and seek to live as a community that cherishes innovation, virtue and civility.

This summer, I have been struck anew at the baffling complexity of our world. One book that I read underscored this reality: My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel by Ari Shavit. A distinguished Israeli journalist, Shavit has lived a most interesting life, serving dutifully in the Israeli military and later as a peace activist. He gives a compelling case for the rightful identity of a homeland for the Jewish people, but at the same time objects strenuously to the ways Israel has disposed the Palestinians and continues to build settlements in occupied territory. The book offers great insight, but no easy answers. I came away with a deeper sense of the complexity of the issues and the limitations of my own understanding.

At times, I reach a similar conclusion about our own society. There seem to be no easy answers to the polarization of politics at home and a sluggish economy that makes it difficult for young people to find meaningful work. Racial tension continues to divide this country a full half-century after passage of major civil rights legislation. And as a society, we seem hamstrung in addressing the country’s major problems — whether immigration reform, the national debt, our crumbling infrastructure or declining educational standards.

Abroad, the world seems to lurch from one crisis to the next — in the Middle East, in Eastern Europe and in Africa. For so many problems, there are no ready solutions. Old dogmas, left or right, seem incapable of resolving chronic problems.

We, at Wake Forest, are in the business of trying to make a difference in the world — to lead lives that transcend mere self-interest. We aim to commit ourselves to larger purposes — Pro Humanitate. Yet that is not easy in a world of problems that seem mounting and intractable. Where does one find a place to stand, a place of leverage from which one can begin to speak and act and make a difference?

At such times, I am grateful for the tradition and the promise of a liberal arts education. What we need, more than ever, is understanding; and that can only come through serious study and engaged inquiry. We need firmer grounding in history and the social sciences, literature and the arts, religion and philosophy, science and economics. We need greater understanding of ourselves and our own assumptions and beliefs. We need empathy to understand the convictions of others and communication skills to engage them with civility.

At the beginning of another academic year, I am grateful that we have these resources of the liberal arts to begin to plumb the complex world of today. To understand more fully will liberate us to act more wisely. I am also grateful for the distinguished traditions of professional education that Wake Forest enjoys — in law, medicine, business and divinity. Those disciplines, too, have shaed the modern world and are necessary to grasp its complexity.

I have a simple personal hope for this year: to use the great resources of Wake Forest to grow in understanding. Please join me on this journey.

Here are some ways to gain understanding this semester:

  • Celebrate the launch of Thrive on September 5. This event is an invitation to redefine what wellbeing means on this campus by exploring eight distinct dimensions of wellbeing.
  • Engage in larger national conversations. Contribute to the dialogue by attending Wake Forest’s Voices of our Time and Leadership Project lectures.
  • Commemorate a voice of unity. Provost Kersh is coordinating discussions among campus stakeholders on ways to celebrate the life and legacy of the late Wake Forest professor and national treasure Maya Angelou.
  • Connect with the Wake Forest community. This year, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lovefeast. Enjoy one of the University’s most memorable traditions with your Wake Forest family.

I look forward to learning from and with you this year. May this semester be one of adventure, creativity, kindness and understanding.

Best regards,

Nathan O. Hatch

Communication with Students about Orientation Activities

Penny Rue, Vice President for Campus Life, and Christy Buchanan, Associate Dean for Academic Advising, have sent a message to incoming first-year students about Orientation and other campus activities this weekend.

Steve Hirst, Director of Student Engagement, and Annie Carlson-Welch, Associate Director of Student Engagement, have sent a message to fraternity and sorority leaders about on-campus events this weekend.

We wanted parents and families to have the same information that has been shared with the students.  Their messages are below.


Message to Incoming Students
Orientation 2014
Distributed: August 21, 2014

Welcome to our newest Demon Deacons!

We are delighted you have arrived for New Student Orientation. The Orientation program is designed to provide a strong foundation for your college experience and meaningfully connect you with the people and resources you will need to succeed at Wake Forest University. It is important that you spend your first days in our community fully engaged with the Orientation program and other members of the Class of 2018. For these reasons, it is our expectation that you attend only those events listed on the Orientation schedule.

So that returning students can reconnect, the University has allowed student organizations to host their own on-campus social events on Sunday night. However, these events conflict with Orientation activities and are therefore closed to new students. We have asked our returning students to respect the importance of your involvement in Orientation, and decline from involving you in these events. For the best interest of all involved, we ask that you respect this boundary. There will be plenty of time for you to meet and connect with returning students following Orientation.

We strongly believe that your full participation in the Orientation program is important to your success in College and will help you start your Demon Deacon experience off on a positive note. We hope you have a great experience as you move in to your new home.

Go Deacs!

Penny Rue, Vice President for Campus Life

Christy Buchanan, Associate Dean for Academic Advising


Message to Returning Leaders
Orientation 2014
Distributed: August 22, 2014

Fraternity and Sorority Leaders,

As a fraternity and sorority community, it is important that we start the year strong and promote a positive image of fraternity and sorority life at Wake. To do this, we need to work together to responsibly plan and manage social events in a way that minimizes the risk of harm or disruption in the community. With students returning to Wake while a campus-wide orientation program is in progress, this is an especially important task.

In an effort to avoid behavioral and safety concerns that clouded our community last year, we have several expectations to set the right tone for the year:

- Please help us ensure that first year students are not attending parties on or off campus prior to Friday, August 29th (first night for campus-wide parties), inclusive of communication and marketing events that coincide with orientation.

- Please do not shuttle first year students to off campus parties. This is dangerous for everyone involved.

- Please take active steps to minimize disruption to Wake’s new students who are on campus for the orientation program. We strongly believe that their full participation in planned programs and activities is important to their success at Wake Forest University. For this reason, we have actively discouraged them from participating in any event that conflicts with the orientation schedule. For the best interest of all involved, we ask for your help in respecting this boundary.

- On campus events are permitted for returning students on Sunday, August 24th from 10pm-2am. We encourage you to view this opportunity as a gathering to reconnect with friends and discourage you from viewing these events as the first back to school bash. Given the very tight timeline, all events must be registered no later than 10am Saturday, August 23rd. The binders will be available by Sunday at noon outside the entrance to the new Office of the Dean of Students on the first floor of Benson (on the same floor as mail services). This is an important opportunity for our chapters to demonstrate the capacity to manage safe events. As such, please ensure your organization is following the event management guidelines and registering the events with only previously trained and certified event hosts. For your convenience, we have attached the list of certified event hosts from last spring that are approved to assist with events occurring this Sunday.

As your advisors, we ask for your leadership and assistance with these concerns. We are excited to welcome you back to campus and look forward to an important year for our fraternity and sorority community. As always, we remain committed to helping each of you achieve your goals as leaders in our community and look forward to a great year with you!


Annie and Steve


FERPA Proxy Access Now Available for Students

New Wake Forest students received the following email from the Registrar’s office about proxy access for FERPA (Family Educational Right to Privacy Act).


Dear New Student,

Starting today, a new online service, Proxy Access is available to you in WIN.  This service replaces the paper “FERPA form” that granted access to your academic information.  If you have completed a FERPA form and submitted it to the Office of the University Registrar in the past, you must now complete your “proxy access” selections online. The paper FERPA form is no longer used.

In Proxy Access, you can grant each proxy that you select online access to view any combination of the following pieces of your information:

  • View Transcript (chronological view of courses completed and grades earned)
  • Course Schedule (by term)
  • Check Holds and Registration Status
  • Mid-term Grades (by term)
  • Final Grades (by term)
  • Current Degree Audit (degree plan view of all course work) 

The most common scenario is for you to grant a parent or parents access, but you are not limited in the number of individuals you grant access.  It is important for you to understand that by granting proxy access you are giving Wake Forest permission to share the information you have selected with that individual.  This permission is necessary to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (

You can set-up your Proxy Access now by going to WIN>Virtual Campus>Proxy Services and selecting Proxy Management.    If you have any questions, detailed information, instructions, and FAQ’s are available at

I hope you are enjoying your first days at Wake Forest and your Orientation.

Best wishes for a wonderful first semester.

Harold Pace
University Registrar

Orientation Schedule and Some Orientation Slide Shows Online

The Orientation schedule is available online.  Activities listed in gold are for parents and families, activities listed in black are for students.

Additional paper copies of the schedule are available on a first-come, first-served basis outside the Office of Academic Advising (Reynolda Hall 125).

Also, the University is making some of the Orientation materials available online.   We are piloting a recording of some of the Friday, August 22 sessions and hope to have them up in a week pending a quality review.


August Dining Update

Campus Dining has posted the August 2014 Dining Update.

Welcome, New Parents and Families!

parents are deacs tooWelcome to all our new parents and families of the Class of 2018!

The Parent Programs office will be available between 8am-4 pm in Benson University Center room 401 on Thursday, August 21st.  Please stop in and say hello at our table!

We wish you and your new students a wonderful Move-In and Orientation expererience!  Go Deacs!

Jasper Memory Lane Closed to Traffic on Aug. 22

Much of Jasper Memory Lane will be closed to motor vehicle traffic from 5 p.m. Friday, August 22, until 3 a.m. Saturday, August 23, due to a University event planned for first-year undergraduate students.

The road will be closed from Luter Residence Hall to Collins Residence Hall for Friday Night Live, an event that is part of first-year orientation.

Access to Faculty Drive will remain open in that area, but no traffic will be allowed in front of the residence halls along Jasper Memory Lane.

Vehicles parked in Lot J, behind Collins and South residence halls, may leave the lot by driving through adjacent Lot H, at the intersection of Jasper Memory Lane and Wingate Road.

All vehicles parked on Jasper Memory Lane must be removed by 5 p.m. on August 22.

Friday Night Live will feature music provided by Wake Radio, food trucks and many outdoor games and activities.  Hundreds of first-year students are expected.

Orientation organizers appreciate the community’s cooperation.


Wake Forest Communications and External Relations


Reminder: Computing Network and Services, Voicemail will be Unavailable August 2

This is a reminder about the computing network maintenance that will take place on Saturday, August 2. While the maintenance work is taking place, the computing network will not be available. Additionally, most of our computing services, such as WIN, Sakai, and Banner will not be available. Google Mail will be accessible from off campus.

Access to the campus voicemail system will not be available between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. No voicemail can be left or retrieved during this time. No existing messages in your voicemail box will be lost.

The maintenance will take place during the following time:

  • Computing network and services not available – Saturday, August 2: 7:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m.

  • Campus voicemail system will not be available – Saturday, August 2: 7:00 a.m. through 9:00 a.m.

If you have questions concerning this message, please contact us at or 336-758-4357.

Information Systems Service Desk

Traffic Delays Likely on August 4 During Filming

Wake Forest will experience occasional traffic delays on August 4 during filming of scenes for a movie at various campus locations.

Delays are likely in the morning and afternoon during filming of scenes for an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel The Longest Ride.  Part of the movie is set at Wake Forest and includes a character portraying a Wake Forest student.

Delays are expected at the following locations:

–A section of Wake Forest Road that extends from the Reynolda Road campus entrance to Scales Fine Arts Center.

–A stretch of Wake Forest Road between the University Parkway campus entrance and approximately Parking Lot W1 (next to Worrell Professional Center).

–A winding section of Wake Forest Road that runs from the Scales Fine Arts Center to Lot B (between Davis and Taylor residence halls).

Police and film production crew will be involved in directing traffic in those locations when traffic is briefly stopped for filming of a pickup truck traveling to different campus spots.  The pickup will be pulled on a trailer by another vehicle.

A previous message to campus detailed temporary parking lot closings for filming of scenes for the movie.  Most of the filming will occur on and near Hearn Plaza and at Scales Fine Arts Center.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

Message Regarding Wake Alert During IS Maintenance August 2

As previously announced by Information Systems, computing network maintenance will take place at Wake Forest on Saturday, August 2.  During the maintenance, the University’s Wake Alert emergency notification system will remain operating.  Some temporary changes will be in place with the Wake Alert system during the maintenance set for 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

If an emergency were to occur at Wake Forest, the University Police Department would be able to send text messages to all registered to receive them, activate the outdoor alert system and the cable TV alert system.

Communications and External Relations (CER) would be able to provide critically important updates on the Wake Alert web site at, post a notice at the top of the University’s web site, send voice mail messages to faculty and staff, use the Wake Alert Twitter account and other University social media, and place messages on the Weather and Emergency Phone Line (758-5935).  E-mail will not be used for emergency messaging during the maintenance.

The University’s computing network cannot be used to access the University web site or Wake Alert web site during the maintenance.  Faculty, staff, students and others on campus would have to use off-campus networks to do so.  For example, a person on campus could use a mobile device to access the Wake Alert web site, using a service provider such as AT&T or Verizon.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations