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Traditions, School History, and School Spirit

Wake Forest celebrated a huge football victory at Family Weekend with a win over NC State.  For our Deac families here for Family Weekend, you may have gotten your first taste of Southern tailgating (sundresses and bow ties, anyone?), and I hope you helped roll the Quad after the game.

School spirit is one of the ties that bind at any college, but at a college like Wake Forest, where we have a relatively small student body and a correspondingly small alumni population, that school spirit is magnified.

How can you best understand some of the history and traditions of Wake Forest, and know some of the lingo of your new Deac?  Here are a few reference points.

- The Traditions Council, a group of students committed to preserving the history and traditions of Wake Forest, came up with this Little Black Book a few years ago to help teach our new students the ropes.

- The History Department has compiled some facts and documents pertaining to our past

- Wake Forest was originally founded in the town of Wake Forest, NC.  The Wake Forest Birthplace is a museum that preserves the history of the original College

How can you help foster school spirit in your student?

Encourage your Deac to wear Wake Forest clothing – and not other schools’ clothes.  A great way to show pride in your alma mater is to wear its logo and not someone elses!

Encourage your Deac to attend sporting events, artistic performances, lectures, etc.  The more involved your student is in campus activities and offerings, the broader a range of people your Deac will meet and the richer their WFU experience will be.

There are cherished events on campus: Hit the Bricks, Project Pumpkin, the Lovefeast, Springfest, Shag on the Mag.  We’ll try to cover those events in advance on the Daily Deac – but you can ask your student about going there.

Old Campus alumni (i.e. from when the college was in Wake Forest, NC) tell us they used to be issued pins as freshmen that said “Friendliness and honor.”  Your students can keep that original WFU spirit alive by always being friendly and honorable to all.

Remember – don’t step on the Wake Forest seal.  Not on the Quad, not in the Library, not in front of Alumni Hall.  Never.

Always support our athletic teams – players, coaches, etc.  Be proud to be a Deac, win or lose.