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A Greener You

Wake Forest is proud to have a thriving Office of Sustainability.  This office is making a major impact on campus by encouraging more sustainable practices on campus.  Our students are eager to be green, and they volunteer with gusto for events that help our environment.

There will be an Earth Day Fair on Wednesday, April 22nd – encourage your students to attend!  And if your student is still looking for a niche on campus to belong to, there are tons of wonderful sustainability activities that happen all the time; here’s where to learn more.

Hopefully the Earth Day Fair will spur your students to think about how to be more environmentally aware.  When your Deac comes home for the summer, he or she might urge you to have a greener household.  How can you do it?

– Sign up for online bill payment and e-notifications for your bills instead of receiving paper bills

– Resist the urge to print out directions or other ‘temporary use’ documents; look at them on a computer or smartphone instead

– Purchase reusable shopping bags for groceries (and avoid plastic ones)

– Buy energy efficient “green” light bulbs

– Use a rain barrel to collect rain water for flowers and gardens (and avoid using a  hose)

– Compost your food scraps and use to fertilize rather than purchasing chemicals

– Shop at local farmers markets and buy locally-grown food

– Use public transportation if it is available

The Office of Sustainability has created a Green Guide for campus, but you can take many of its ideas and apply it to your home life as well.

Will your house commit to being greener this year?