Reflection during Winter Break

First-year families: your Deacs are in the home stretch of their first semester and they will be coming home soon for Winter Break. You will have the chance to hear their stories of college, to see how they have grown and changed, and more.  And if you choose to take it, you also have an opportunity to help them reflect on the semester.  Reflection is a very important – and oft neglected – exercise.

Family relationships shift in college, and many parents and families find themselves in more of a ‘consultant’ role than a ‘managerial’ or ‘decision-maker’ role. Building a strong relationship with your newly-independent college student often means asking open ended questions and listening more than talking.

The Mentoring Resource Center came up with a set of discussion prompts for mentors a few years ago. They are excellent starting points to help your student reflect on his/her semester. Not all of these prompts may be things your Deac wants to share with you, but it might be good to ask anyway.

“If you were starting Wake Forest all over, what would you do differently and why?”

“In the past semester, what is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome, and what did you learn?”

“How do you want to be different six months from now than you are right now?”

“What were the differences between the best and worst decisions you have made?”

“If you were not afraid of failing, what would you do?”


For more information on how to contact the Office of Family Engagement, please visit our contact page.

If Your Student Has a Problem

One of the most important ways parents and families can help their students in college is by encouraging them to solve their own problems. Please bookmark or print out this Stop, Drop, and Roll flyer so you have it when your student contacts you with a problem.  Also, the flyer lists contact information for urgent and serious concerns where family intervention might be appropriate.

Orientation 2016 Handouts and Slide Shows

Select information and presentations from Orientation 2016 are available online.