Parents’ Council

About the Council

The Wake Forest Parents’ Council serves as a vehicle for parents of current students to communicate ideas, questions and concerns to the University through their Council representatives. To contact a member of the Parents’ Council, email and the Office of Parent Programs will help field your question or direct your email to the appropriate Council member.

Parents’ Council members provide Wake Forest with direction by studying issues, offering guidance and acting as liaisons. Parents’ Council members also serve as ambassadors in their geographic area to prospective Wake Forest students.

The Wake Forest Parents’ Council is comprised of approximately one hundred forty couples who have been invited to represent the parents of over 4,800 undergraduates. The Council meets twice during the school year, once each semester. Terms are two years in length and are renewable. Members are selected based on their interest in and ability to help Wake Forest fulfill its mission.

For More Information

Minta A. McNally (’74, P ’02, ’06)
Associate Vice President & Executive Director of Parent Programs,
University Advancement

Betsy Chapman (’92, MA ’94)
Director of Family Communications and Volunteer Management,
University Advancement

Brad McIlwain (P’07)
Director of Family Giving,
University Advancement

Activities of the Parents’ Council

Meetings: The Parents’ Council meets twice during the academic year: during Family Weekend in the fall and again during a winter weekend.

Parents’ Campaign of The Wake Forest Fund: Each Parents’ Council member is asked to make an annual contribution to the parents’ campaign of The Wake Forest Fund, Wake Forest’s annual unrestricted giving program. During the 2015-16 campaign, Parents’ Council members contributed nearly $1.3 million of the $3.3 million raised in the Parents’ Campaign. Overall, 2,958 current and past Wake Forest families supported the Parents’ Campaign.

During the spring semester, the Parents’ Council sends a message to first-year parents, seeking their support of the parents’ campaign of The Wake Forest Fund. If you are a parent and wish to make a gift, you may do so at our secure website (please indicate “The Parents’ Campaign” in the Gift Information section).

Parents’ Council Leadership 2016-17

Parents’ Council Chairs:
Harriet and Howard Love P’18 – Hillsborough, CA

Parents’ Campaign Chairs:
Stacie and Dylan Lissette P’18 – Hanover, PA

 Parents’ Council members, 2016-17


Leslie and Tony Anagnostakis P’18 – Bronxville, NY

Dayna and Steve Anderson P’18 – Great Falls, VA

Rosanne and Peter Aresty P’18 – Mamaroneck, NY

Beth and Anthony Armstrong P’20 – San Francisco, CA

Margaret and Dewey Awad P’20 – Weston, MA

Deanna and Aaron Banks P’18 – Woodbridge, VA

Mary and John Barnett P’18 – Toronto, ON

Susan and Kenneth Bartee P’20 – Herndon, VA

Anna P’17, ’19 and Cliff Benson ’88, P’17, ’19 – Raleigh, NC

Tami and Mike Berczuk P’14, ’19 – Greenwich, CT

Laura ’94, P’18 and Chris Berry ’94, P’18 – Charlotte, NC

Wendy MBA ’91, P’19 and Jay Bilas P’19 – Charlotte, NC

Michele and Scott Blair P’19 – Greenwich, CT

Aimee Bloom P’18 – Morristown, NJ

Jennifer and Oray Boston P’20 – Ambler, PA

Betty P’15, ’19 and Dan Boyce ’81, P’15, ’19 – Raleigh, NC

Claire and Peter Bristow P’17, ’18 – Raleigh, NC

Robyn and Andy Brown P’17 – Bethesda, MD

Heather and David Bumsted P’20 – Alpharetta, GA

Elisabeth and Frank Burch P’17 – Stuart, FL and Crested Butte, CO

Debbi and Richard Burston P’20 – London, UK

Susan and Stephen Butt P’20 – Ft. Worth, TX

Donna P’14, ’17 and Webb Campbell ’81, P’14, ’17 – Nashville, TN

Vanessa and Roy Carroll P’14, ’17 – Greensboro, NC

Julie and Brett Chapman P’15, ’17 – Thousand Oaks, CA

Torie Clarke and Brian Graham P’17 – Chevy Chase, MD

Missy and David Condo P’03, ’20 – New York, NY

Mary Clare and Danny Conwill P’18 – New Orleans, LA

Elena and John Coumantaros P’20 – New York, NY

Debbie and Dale Critz P’19 – Savannah, GA

Tonya Crowe-Chinuntdet ’88, MD ’92 and John Chinuntdet ’88, P’17 – Mooresville, NC

Donna and John Culbertson P’17 – Moorestown, NJ

Wendy and Larry* Culp P’17, ’19 – McLean, VA

Nan and Harry Curtis P’09, ’19 – Summit, NJ

DeeDee P’15, ’18 and Ed Dalrymple ’72, P’15, ’18 – Charlotte, NC

Eloise and Jeff Davis P’18 – Windermere, FL

Susan and Francois de Menil P’19 – New York, NY

Brooke and Mark Dean P’15, ’18 – Beaufort, SC

Nancy and Stephen Demorest P’14, ’19 – Hillsborough, NC

Cheri DeVos P’20 – Ada, MI

Tanja and James Dixon P’15, ’20 – Manhasset, NY

Michelle and John Durham P’19, ’20 – Berwyn, PA

Rebecca and Barron Fletcher P’20 – Dallas, TX

Diane and Mark Flynn P’17 – Menlo Park, CA

Sharon and Rick Fownes P’14, ’16, ’19 – Duxbury, MA

Jennifer and Mike Freedman P’19 – Westport, CT

Betsy and Berthold Frowein P’20 – New York, NY

Carmen and Cali Garcia-Velez P’19 – Miami, FL

Kitty and Ted Garner P’18 – Charlotte, NC

Kathleen and Greg Garvey P’18 – Fairfield, CT

Tracey and Scott Gerber P’17, ’19 – Pound Ridge, NY

Cari and Shawn Gorman P’20 – Falmouth, ME

Torie Clarke and Brian Graham P’17 – Chevy Chase, MD

Betsy and Mike Greene P’17 – New Canaan, CT

Lori and Kent Griswold P’19 – Lower Gwynedd, PA

Shea and Shane Grundy P’20 – Tampa, FL

Patty and George Grunebaum P’20 – Bedford Hills, NY

Eugenie and Tom Hamilton P’16, ’19 – Greenwich, CT

Melissa and Paul Harrison P’15, ’18 – Knoxville, TN

Susan and Henk Hartong P’19 – New Canaan, CT

Kim and Brad Hayes P’20 – Greensboro, NC

Ruth E and Frank* Holding P’13, MA ’14, ’16 – Raleigh, NC

Joanna P’18 and Mark Holt ’83, P’18 – Raleigh, NC

Helen and Garrett Horsley P’20 – Richmond, VA

Lisa Hord and Peter Kohnstamm P’18 – Pelham, NY

Jane and Pete Hunsinger P’13, ’17, ’20 – New Canaan, CT

Paula and Mark Hurd P’18 – Atherton, CA

Beth and Richard Hussey P’19 – Memphis, TN

Ann Phelps Jacobs ’81, P’18 and John Jacobs P’18 – Weston, MA

Joanna and Jon Jacobson P’19 – Wayland, MA

Angela P’14, ’15, ’19 and Bill James ’84, P’14, ’15, ’19 – New York, NY

Angie and John Joyce P’20 – Winnetka, IL

Marijke Jurgens-Dupree P’20 and David* Dupree MBA ’78, P’20 – Washington, DC

Carol and Richard Kalikow P’17 – New York, NY

Meg and Jonathan Kelly P’17 – Weston, MA

Kirsten and Mike Kerrigan P’17 – Dallas, TX


Allison and Ron Kuehn P’17 – Birmingham, AL

Heather and Spencer Lake P’19 – London, UK

Joy and Marc Lautenbach P’14, ’17 – Riverside, CT

Liz and Mark Lazarus P’19 – Greenwich, CT

Stacie and Dylan Lissette P’18 – Hanover, PA

Harriet and Howard Love P’18 – Hillsborough, CA

Jessica Lowrey and Jeff Habib P’20 – New York, NY

Anne and Dick (JD ’85) Lupo P’19, ’21 – Charlotte, NC

Rachel and Bill MacDonald P’18 – Bethesda, MD

Susan P’18 and John Mann JD ’81, P’18 – Winston-Salem, NC

Adriane P’12, ’17 and John* McAvoy ’82, P’12, ’17 – Charleston, SC

Kristi and Mark McCombe P’20 – New York, NY

Elizabeth and David McGraw P’19 – Short Hills, NJ

Jane* and Jay McGraw P’16, ’20 – Short Hills, NJ

Laurie and David McWilliams P’19 – Coral Gables, FL

Susie and Mark Mead P’18 – Hunting Valley, OH

Sophie and Armour Mellon P’17 – Ligonier, PA

Ann and Michael Mendenhall P’17 – Palo Alto, CA

LeeAnn and Larry Merlo P’16, MA ’17 – East Greenwich, RI

Bowen ’87, P’14, ’17 and John Miller ’87, P’14, ’17 – Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Audrey and Mark Miller P’19 – Westlake, TX

Minda and Gary Moor P’17, ’18 – Dallas, TX

Cindy and David Moross P’17 – New York, NY

Heather and Dan Mosley P’17 – Greenwich, CT

Wendy ’89, MBA ’94, P’18, ’20 and Elwyn Murray ’89, MBA ’94, P’18, ’20 – Purcellville, VA

Beverley and Hanford Ndlovu P’19 – Hummelstown, PA

Liz and Phil Neugebauer P’20 – Fairfield, CT

Karla and Will Newton P’18 – Jacksonville, FL

Amy and Daniel O’Connor P’20 – Duxbury, MA

Jen and Sean O’Scannlain P’20 – Chicago, IL

Cassy and Phil Ordway P’19 – Long Lake, MN

Rosemarie Drake-Pearcey and Tony Pearcey P’18 – Bradenton, FL

Anna Melissa and Peter Philpott P’16, MS ’18 – Fort Worth, TX

Mary and Gary Pinkus P’20 – Woodside, CA

Victoria and Kirk Posmantur P’20 – Atlanta, GA

Linda and Doug Preiser P’19 – Moreland Hills, OH

Cathy ’86, P’19 and Alan Prince ’86, P’19 – Atlanta, GA

Julia Ireland Randall and John Randall P’18 – Locust Valley, NY

Tina P’18 and Guy Revelle ’87, P’18 – Tampa, FL

Leslie and JR Richardson P’18 – Hilton Head Island, SC

Karen Tumulty and Paul Richter P’14, ’19 – Chevy Chase, MD

Amy and Ray Rivers P’14, ’17 – Greenwich, CT

Laura and Klaus Said P’17 – Greenwich, CT

Lillianne and Luis Salaverria P’17 – Santa Tecla, El Salvador

Sonia and Leo Salom P’18 – Toronto, ON

Betsy and Scott Sandbo P’18 – Portland, OR

Denise and Marc Schmittlein P’18 – Avon, CT

Pam Schoen P’17 – New York, NY

Susan and Michael* Selverian P’13, ’16, ’19 – St. Davids, PA

Stefani and Leonard Shavel P’18 – Greenwich, CT

Laura and Craig Shelburne P’20 – Santa Barbara, CA

Mary and Bob Shue P’13, ’17 – Chevy Chase, MD

Sonya and Robert Stevanovski P’20 – Cornelius, NC

Loraine and Don Stuart P’16 – Austin, TX

Kim Swig P’19 – Atherton, CA

Dana and Ted Swimmer P’19 – Charlotte, NC

Beth and Jerry Tarde P’16, ’18 – Fairfield, CT

Laurie and David Thiemann P’14, ’18, ’20 – St. Louis, MO

Ann and Steve Tighe P’16, ’18 – Bronxville, NY

Margaret and John Torell P’15, 19 – Bronxville, NY

Shannan ’87, P’15, ’17 and Doug Townsend ’88, P’15, ’17 – Siler City, NC

Ann Van Meter P’20 – Northfield, IL

Sue and Jay Wagley P’19 – Dallas, TX

Sue P’18 and Dave* Wahrhaftig MBA ’82, P’18 – Larchmont, NY

Liz and Paul Walker P’18 – Pasadena, CA

Holly and Scott Wallace P’19 – Kenilworth, IL

Liz and Preston Walsh P’18, ’20 – Pittsburgh, PA

Chris and Dan Ward P’13, ’15, ’18 – Potomac, MD

Sheila and Seth* Waugh P’17 – North Palm Beach, FL

Leslee and Craig West P’17, ’20 – Raleigh, NC

Juliet and Stephen Wiehe P’17 – Raleigh, NC

Claire and Chris Williams P’19 – Richmond, VA

Nicole and Darrin Williams P’20 – Little Rock, AR

Deborah and Steve Yurco P’17 – Austin, TX

Jan and Steve Zide P’19 – Old Greenwich, CT


* denotes University Trustee