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I am Switzerland

For longtime readers of the Daily Deac, you will know I often talk about Wake like a buffet, and the more bites you take, the richer and fuller your experience here might be.  The buffet extends …

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Last Week Roundup

Hard to argue with this weather – it was another terrific weekend (and very unusual for February to be near or in the 70s).  Today it is sunny and the temperature gauge on my car read 70 at …

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It is a crisp, cold day on campus today. High of maybe 53, but with the breeze my weather app says it feels like 40.  It was cold enough that when I was walking the middle part of campus to and …

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This is what happens...

When it is the beginning of February and it is nearly 80 degrees:

blooming treesmore blooming treesdaffodils in early FebruaryThe daffodils emerge from the soil and the pink trees start to bloom waaaaaaaaaay earlier than expected.

This weekend was …

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Points to Ponder

Seems like I’ve talked to a number of first-years and sophomores lately about whether and when to go abroad. To the question of “should I do it?” my answer is an unequivocal “yes, as long as your …

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