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Wake Downtown

Today’s Daily Deac is a guest post from Rebecca Alexander, Professor of Chemistry, Director of Academic Programming for Wake Downtown, and F.M. Kirby Family Faculty …

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Pic of the day

The tent is still in the process of being erected, though much of that might have been on hold today because it was raining cats and dogs earlier today.  Check out the progress on the Quad …

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Picture Perfect

Today is Campus Day for Accepted Students, so this morning my Office of Family Engagement colleagues and I had the good fortune to see and visit with many families.  As in past years, some of …

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Lots of Catching Up to Do

We’re back at it after a week of PTO and being totally off the grid.  It’s a gorgeous day, sunny and low 80s.  If one could complain about anything, it would be that the pollen is out in full …

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Finding More in the Sources - Senior Oration by Madeline Coffey ('17)

It’s Friday, Deac families!  That means call your students and tell them you love them.  I’ll be back next week and eager to catch up on everything I missed while I was gone this week – it …

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