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First hint of fall

pretty fall leaves outside of Poteat HallI took a walk up on campus earlier today and saw my first true sign of fall.  This is a lovely little tree outside Poteat Residence Hall. If you have not experienced a NC fall before, they can ...

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Final update on the hurricane

This morning we had our final Crisis Management Team meeting on Hurricane Irma, as its path had shifted well west of campus.  We put one last message on our Hurricane Irma page, or you can read ...

NY Times article: The Real Campus Scourge

This article, The Real Campus Scourge, by Frank Bruni appeared in the New York Times this weekend and it is well worth your time to read it (PDF here: 

FDOC - First Day of Classes

I spent some time in the both the ZSR Starbucks and the North Campus Starbucks this morning (I had meetings in both buildings).  And today is FDOC – the First Day of Classes. So it feels like ...

The 2nd happiest day of the year

Greetings from Move-In central!  We’re embedded here all day in Benson 401 meeting and greeting parents and families.  And honestly y’all, it is SO MUCH FUN.  The happiest day on campus, other ...

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