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Happy New Year!

We wish you and yours a very happy New Year tonight!  Regular Daily Deac columns will be coming back to you later this week.  Until then, here’s another Picture of the Day – this time, of Wait Chapel and a beautiful blue-violet sky.



The Daily Deac has a fondness for luminaries (and interesting lighting in general) – so we are always very happy when the campus can be lit in beautiful ways.  There are not many nights a year where we have luminaries on the Quad, but when they are there, they are spectacular.



In Praise of Scales Fine Arts Center

Here’s a picture of one of the most unique and recognizable buildings on campus – Scales Fine Arts Center.

There are a lot of reasons to love Scales and everything that is created and produced there.

Beautiful music.

Innovative art.

Provocative theatre productions.

Music to make you feel a million different emotions.

The incredible artistry of dancers.

Beautiful people with beautiful minds.

Yes, we will always love Scales.

POD 20051025SFAC8316

More from the Archives

As we continue our own Winter Break, here’s a look at one of the great shots from the 49th annual Lovefeast.


Merry Christmas

To all who are celebrating Christmas today, the Office of Parent Programs wishes you a very merry one!

This is from the Lighting of the Quad this year.


Picture of the Day

As we continue with our Winter Break coverage, today we offer you a picture from Finals Week.  Students looking for study spaces will create their own homes in the Z Smith Reynolds Library (and everywhere else on campus for that matter).  Here we find two students camped in one of the hallways outside an office.

Hey, if it works for them…who are we to argue?


Winter Break

The University is closed this week, so that means the staff of the Daily Deac is enjoying a few days off with family – hopefully just like you are doing at your house!

So this week, we’ll be featuring some of the best photos from our very talented University Photographer, Ken Bennett.   This is an amazing shot of one of your Deacs in the shadows.

We’ll be back to regular Daily Deacs after the New Year.  Until then, on behalf of the Office of Parent Programs, we wish you and yours all the best for the holidays!


Final Thoughts

Today is the last day campus is technically open before the break.  The whole university is on holiday from Monday 12/23 through Friday 12/27.  And I have to say, campus is Q-U-I-E-T today – unless you are in the Z Smith Reynolds Library, where they are putting in a new floor in the lobby, as well as digging a trench for more power outlets.  It was strange to see the ZSR Starbucks so empty when normally it is one of the most bustling places on campus.

I have a few final thoughts to share before break , and they are on the subject of Finals.  Final grades appear to have been posted in WIN, our online records system for students; at least I could see all of my individual advisees’ grades.  For students who have signed a FERPA (Family Educational Right to Privacy Act) form, grades should also be coming home via US Mail.  For information about FERPA and grade reporting, please see the Parents’ Page FAQ and look under the Academics section.

To add a bit of perspective to grades for families of freshmen, my personal experience and the trend I have seen with all my years of advising students is that typically the first semester is the worst semester gradewise.  This is the first time your Deacs have been through a set of midterms and finals and the first time they have been tasked with college level work.  It is a big adjustment.  And if you were used to seeing all As or As and the occasional B in high school, you might well be seeing more Bs and Cs and fewer As.

Don’t panic.  And please don’t stress your students out about the grades – they are often *highly* stressed about discussing grades with you.  My anecdotal conversations with a lot of students over the years suggests to me that they are keenly aware of thinking they might be disappointing you (even if they are imagining that).

When you talk to your students about grades, I would urge you to think about asking some reflection questions – things like “what did you do well in your classes?  what might you have done differently?  if you knew then what you know now, how would you change how you studied or prepared for classwork and exams?”  Sometimes by focusing on process (not outcomes) you can help them think about improving their study or work habits, which ought to lead to better outcomes.

Just to keep you apprised of the schedule for the Daily Deac, since the University is closed all of next week and our crack staff has some PTO as well, we’re going to feature some Pictures of the Day between now and New Years.  But we’ll be back in January and will bring you all the news that’s fit to print, as the saying goes.

Until then, we wish you a wonderful holiday with your students.  And thanks as always for reading the Daily Deac!




Today I Am Asking for a Favor

Most of the time at the Daily Deac we are simply here to give you a glimpse of campus life and some snapshots of things your students might see, hear, or do.  Today I am going to ask our Deac families for a favor – and that is to make a gift to the Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund.

Part of the responsibility of my office is to ask parents and families to make a gift to the Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund every year.   (I get to do the Daily Deac and all the other fun communication things I do because it is agreed that several times a year I will also ask our Deac family for their support).

Many of you choose to make charitable gifts in December for tax purposes, so if you are one of those families, please consider making a gift now.  You can make a gift online - it is secure and easy.  

The Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund helps provide support for a variety of campus needs and initiatives.  Your gift will be used this academic year in the areas where we deem it is most needed.   The Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund provides a lot of the special extras that make the Wake Forest experience so special for your student.  (If you want to see a great illustration of what the Wake Forest Fund does, check out the Zombies and Hotdogs video here.)

Note that you can designate your gift within the Wake Forest Fund:

- The Wake Forest Fund is the most general designation.  Those gifts are applied to the University’s highest priorities.  Families who want Wake Forest to have the most flexibility in using their gift often give to this fund.  

- The Wake Forest Fund for the College is used to support students and faculty in the undergraduate College and associated programs and opportunities.  Families with freshmen or sophomores, and those with juniors and seniors who are not the business school often give to this fund.

- The Wake Forest Fund for the School of Business is used to support students and faculty in the School of Business and associated programs and opportunities.  Families with juniors and seniors who are business majors often give to this fund.

- The Wake Forest Fund for the Z Smith Reynolds Library is used to support the work of our library and librarians, including providing resources and programming.  Families whose students have great affection for the library and its staff and programs often give to this fund.  I’d like to add an editorial note here: if you were one of the families who participated in ZSRx Parents and Families: Deacon Development 101, I’d encourage you to consider making your Parents’ Campaign gift to this fund.  Dean Sutton and her talented staff gave a lot of time and effort to bring this class to families – and you can say thank you this way!

- The Wake Forest Fund for Student Aid is used to support students with financial aid needs.  Families who want to help increase the amount of money available to student financial aid often give to this fund.

I have long believed that our Daily Deac readers are the most generous and enthusiastic about Wake Forest, and you could help me validate that when you make your gift.  You can check the box at the very bottom of the form that says “I want to include a note with my gift.”  If you want to check it and write “Daily Deac” in there, you can help validate my theory.

Thank you for considering making a gift.   I know you are not only engaged, but generous in both your interaction with my office and the support you give to Wake Forest.

(And tomorrow we will go back to our regularly scheduled blog, I promise!)


Empty.  That is the only word to say it.  Campus feels empty without your students.  And beyond the temporary joy that comes from magnificently easy parking now that everyone is gone, it feels a lot less lively without the students.  So I am cheering myself up in Alumni Hall by listening to a Frank Sinatra Christmas.

So – what happens while your students are home on break?  Right now the faculty are scrambling to finish grading finals (they are due tomorrow at noon).  The Z. Smith Reynolds Library is getting a new entryway floor.  Residence Halls are being inspected and any needed maintenance done.  Work continues on the new dining commons, though the Starbucks opened early (I have not tried it but heard good reports).  Many of the administrative offices on campus are business-as-usual, trying to finish up work before the university closes.  We will officially be closed December 23-27.

We hope you are enjoying the break with your Deacs.  And many thanks to those of you who have sent our office good wishes and cards this holiday season.  We are happy to be part of your Wake Forest experience and wish you all the best at the holidays.