Move In Flashback - Part II

Hard to believe that Move-In Day is tomorrow!  As I conclude my vacation, we finish up our look back at 2015 Move-In through the lens of the very talented Ken Bennett, Director of …

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Move In Flashback - Part I

Two more days of vacation for me and then I arrive back in time for Move-In.  So I thought it might be fun to take a pictorial look back at last year’s Move-In via Ken Bennett’s great work. …

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Wonk Factoids - New Student Receptions Roundup

Still out on PTO trying to rest up before Move-In Day.  The Office of Family Engagement’s biggest job every summer is to plan the New Student Receptions we hold across the country.  We have a …

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Great Washington Post Article on What Professors Don't Want

I am out on PTO until Move-In Day this Friday, so I am pre-posting a few articles in my absence.

Brief aside and explanation: when I know I am going to be on vacaction, I frequently schedule …

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Packing Advice

As we close out this week, here is a final tip for students.  Again, this might be most applicable for new first-year students, but a good reminder to our upperclassmen/women.  It’s about …

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August 2016 – Welcome to the Fall Semester!

We know that for parents and families, your students’ wellbeing is of the utmost importance and we want you to know that it is important to us too! Each month, we’ll post Wellbeing tips, …

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Foods at Wake Forest

As we continue with some tips for students – particularly our newest ones – I am reminded of the fact that sometimes our first-year students are so used to being on the south side of campus, they …

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Who Students Should Call When They Have an Issue

First a disclaimer – we sent out the Wake Parents and Families email today, and the link for the Family Weekend website turns out to be an old version of the site.  The correct URL is: 

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Tips for the Coming Year - for New Students

Today’s tips for the coming year will focus on our new incoming students in the Class of 2020.  I happened to see an article on Facebook and discovered that it was written by one of our …

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Tips for the Coming Year - the Events Calendar

As we inch closer to Move-In, the Daily Deac will be offering some tips about how students can make the most of their WFU experience.

The Events Calendar is the place where departments and …

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